GGB Kansas City Goes to the Renaissance!

Huzzah! On Saturday, September 26th, the Kansas City chapter of Geek Girl Brunch met up at the annual Kansas City Renaissance Festival (or RenFest, for those in the know) to take in the tastes and sights of medieval times. Fourteen Brunchettes, two husbands, and one mini-Brunchette joined our adventure back in time. As we gathered, we chatted about various geeky topics, such as the recent Doctor Who season premiere.


Several ladies took advantage of the venue to don costumes, including some handmade pieces which we ooh’ed and aah’ed over.


Phoebe made her own wings!

We walked through the festival to kick things off with an early lunch at the White Stag Inn, dining on such delights as reubens, Guinness beef stew and sweet chicken salad, while enjoying some musical entertainment.


After our meal, we wandered around, stopping at various booths that drew our interest. (Oooh! Shiny things! Must stop!)


Along the way we saw several walking entertainers and festival personalities, such as a firebreather and a charming mermaid couple.



Our path also took us through a fairy village with many imaginative hand-crafted fairy houses. Conversation was lively and flowing throughout the day, a sign of the instant camaraderie that embodies Geek Girl Brunch events. There’s always someone there that either shares your fandom or at least appreciates your passion. We’re already looking forward to our next event – a geekcraft-a-thon in November!

GGB KC Group

Big shout out to OfLavenderandLace who was willing to process a rush last-minute skirt purchase for Officer Amanda to complete her costume.  It made the day much more enjoyable to be in garb!

Officer Amanda
Skirt by OfLavenderandLace. Thank you for being awesome!

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