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Meet the Nottingham Officers!



Kelly is patiently waiting for The Doctor to choose her as his next companion. It WILL happen one day. Unless she marries Dean Winchester, of course.

Kelly works in Food Logistics during the day, whilst daydreaming of the afore-mentioned Doctor in his blue box. She spends her free time watching nerdy TV, going to the cinema, reading ALL THE BOOKS, & going to gigs & festivals. You might also spot her at the occasional football match, supporting her team Sheffield United. She is also very partial to make-up & clothes, and shares lots of pics of her face on her Instagram.

Geeky Top Ten

Doctor Who / Marvel movies / Game of Thrones / Supernatural / DC TV shows / Buffy / Batman / Harry Potter / Sci Fi & Fantasy books / YA books

Brunch drink: Mojitos or Bubbles!

Geeky Boyfriend: Dean Winchester

You can follow Kelly on Twitter @KellyisaBlade

Anna  Image result for serenity

My first crush as a child was Virgil Tracy from Thunderbirds – and I still have a ‘thing’ for Thunderbird 2. Then I saw the first episode of Doctor Who and discovered the Grandpa figure in my life. Mr Spock became my second childhood crush – and this one lasted well into adulthood until I discovered Captain Han Solo, and completely fell for Harrison Ford despite having already become engaged to my husband of over 30 years! Then, a few years ago, I watched an episode of the ABC series ‘Castle’ and became slightly obsessed with it’s star, Nathan Fillion – which meant, of course, I had to see all his other work. Which is how I discovered the ‘Firefly’ universe – and fell in love with a beautiful spaceship called Serenity. My husband [Tony] and my daughters [both Dr Who and Harry Potter fans] think I’m quite weird – but fortunately, seem happy to support my geekiness, and understand my reasons for being the founder of Derby Browncoats! I’ve just got to find more members!!!”

You can join the Derby Browncoats on Twitter: @DerbyBrowncoats



By day Emma works with Kelly in Food Logistics, and by night is a secret vigilante.

When she isn’t fighting crime on the streets or transporting food, Emma spend the rest of her days immersed in adventure, attending a lot of gigs, training at the gym, or making memories with her much loved friends and family. However she still finds the time to read or watch something, join forces with her husband on the Lego games or Resident evil and take care of her two cats.

Life Mantra:  Don’t let this win over you.

Geeky Loves:  Video Games, Graphic Novels and Comics, TV series (GOT, The walking dead, Dexter, Daredevil to name a few), Films, Transformers and Batman.

Geeky Boyfriend: Daryl Dixon, Yes please.

Brunch Drink:  Long Island Iced Tea

You can Follow Emma on Instagram: peachmelba92


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