GGB Atlanta Celebrate Marvel in May

The Atlanta chapter of Geek Girl Brunch held our first meetup of 2017 on May 6th. Not only was it our first event of the year, but it was also the first meetup planned by the chapter’s new crew of officers, so we were more than a little excited.


A Saturday was the perfect day to meet up with our fellow Brunchettes and watch “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.” We met at the Regal Perimeter Point in Atlanta to watch the movie and then moved on to the Royal Oak Pub — a neighboring English pub with old fashioned newspaper-themed menus, friendly servers, and creative spins on British comfort food — for snacks and drinks.


There was tons of discussion on the finer (and not so fine) points of the latest Marvel movies; many of the pros were the casting and visuals, and the cons were the occasional plot hole. Though all could agree that the Guardians movie held its own and made for a great sequel.

Of course, we couldn’t have a meetup without goodies.  Bruchettes got to take home some yummy Milky Way bars (get it…galaxy…Milky Way…because who doesn’t enjoy a solid pun every once in awhile?) and custom made stickers.  But best of all were the Guardian Funko figures. Of course, baby Groot was the most popular.  I mean, who doesn’t love Baby Groot?!

The Royal Oak pub had some delicious food and beer. Where else can you get Reuben spring rolls?!  We had such a good time, we can’t wait to host our next meetup. We’re considering something “Game of Thrones”-themed in order to properly prepare for winter, and we hope that more of our fellow Atlanta-area Brunchettes are able to join us for GoT-inspired treats, laughs, and lots and lots of Season 7 predictions. Until next time!