GGB San Antonio: F is February and Friendship is Magic

GGB San Antonio: F is February and Friendship is Magic

Our second brunch of 2017, brought us to the magical land of Equestria, where we all shared the most wonderful magic of all — Friendship with a bunch of beautiful, magical lovely geeky ladies just like ourselves!

Our February Brunch was held at The Lion and The Rose, a lovely British pub the GGB SATX loves to frequent throughout the year as our themes/time allow and from who we receive a lot of love and support.

Pony Brunch was a mad dash, fun from the moment we got there, with incredible coloring sheets and overflowing grab bags! The grab bags this month had unicorn horns, stickers, tattoos, valentines, candy, jewelry and cutie mark pin/clips!

One of the best parts of the day was seeing how the staff and other patrons reacted as all the girls walked around showing off their amazing gift-horns that turned every girl into her own unicorn (or a pegacorn, or narwhal, we support all choices and loves). We even heard there were some hilarious conversations in the bathrooms about them, and that there were little girls dining with their parents who fell in love with us.

Below are some shots of our officers (Ilana, Maggie, Amanda, Lauren, and Erika) rocking their ‘Magical’ new look with pride!


We had a great brunch, with amazing drinks. The mimosas were on $2 special and they were wildly loved, with several repeats! As we ate and drank, we discussed how My Little Pony came into our lives, at what age, and what characters were and were not our favorites, sharing all around our love of this fandom. The stories were multifaceted and heart-touching as we got to see how this beautiful land and it’s even more multifaceted fillies changed and brightened the lives of our girls.

Our raffle table, also, ended up being the biggest raffle we’ve had yet:


And with so much amazing there on the table, here are pictures of all of our girls going home with raffle items for February:

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