About Geek Girl Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch is a meetup group of ladies who geek out together, typically with mimosas involved.  Geek Girl Brunch was originally begun by co-founders Jamila, Rachel and Yissel in the NYC area, but has since spread across the world and on to alternate dimensions.

In August 2019 the original founders decided to step down and enjoy GGB as members, and have since turned the reigns of GGB HQ over to a dedicated group of officers who are looking forward to bringing GGB “Higher, Further, Faster”.

Check out our “Meet The Team” page for more info about our founders and our current HQ team.  

Geek Girl Brunch Mission Statement

Geek Girl Brunch aims to create a safe environment where anyone identifying as a geek girl can be themselves. GGB strives to be a space where members have a voice, can network, create friendships, inspire each other, and hang out!