Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland: The Road So Far

Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland: The Road So Far

The Road So Far: a recap of what has been going on with the Cleveland chapter so far.

January: Board & Tabletop Game brunch at Tabletop. The menu consisted of brunch fare & drinks. Everyone enjoyed finding a new game to try out or share their favorite game(s) with friends. Swag consisted of coasters for each brunchette. For brunch pics, click here!

February: Our 1 year anniversary was this month, & we celebrated our favorite fandoms at Yard House. We did a White Elephant type exchange for our swag. And, everyone showed up representing their favorite fandom to the event. Our fandoms ranged from Harry Potter to Doctor Who, to Power Rangers.  For more brunch pics, click here!

road so far

March: Space, Dinosaurs, & Science was our brunch theme at Café Avalaun. It was a very small space, but everyone had a great time.

We also announced three new officers for our chapter: Amanda, Darlene, & Megan.  They attended the panel we had at Wizard World Cleveland that month. A few of our members also attended the annual convention, and contributed to the panel as well, sharing how much fun they have coming to our events. We gained quite a few new members from this event.

We also started doing ‘unofficial’ Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland events. The first was held at Pinot’s Palette. Where a few of us tried our hand at Spellbound Scholar. For brunch pics, click here!

April: Our popular Video Game Brunch was at 16-Bit again. 16-Bit doesn’t serve food at their venue, so we had to bring their own, but their drinks are phenomenal. The most popular drink this time around was the Carrie Fisher. We had a few of the arcade games tagged for swag. Whomever got the highest score won the swag at the brunch. For brunch pics, click here!

Our Do Better event was at the Cleveland APL. A few of our members got together to create items needed for the shelter: blankets, scratch pads, and so forth. For more Do Better pics, click here!

May: Star Wars Brunch at Burgers 2 Beers & Free Comic Book Day at Carol & John’s. Burgers 2 Beer actually made a drink for us, which was really cool!  The food and service was wonderful. It helped that we sent them everyone’s orders ahead of time. This is something that we started implementing after this brunch.

For swag, we played a Star Wars trivia game. And, we had raffle tickets for additional give aways. In addition, Officer Darlene provided each brunchette with a sketch card from a local artist. For brunch pics, click here! 

After the brunch was over, a few of the members headed over to Carol and John’s to participate in Free Comic Book Day. There were still comics available for us to pick up. And, a few of us grabbed some art we saw local artists had at the shop.

Also, this month, we kicked off a couple monthly Unofficial GGBC events : GGBC Book Club, is ran by Jessica & Brittany, & GGBC Movie Outing is ran by Officer Darlene. The Book Club read “A Handmaiden’s Tale,” by Margaret Atwood, and for the movie outing, it was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

June: Game of Thrones Brunch at Emperor’s Palace – dim sum & Chinese food! A trivia contest was done for swag prizes, & everyone was sorted into a house. It was a bit difficult to socialize at this location, because of the way they had the room set-up, but it gave us a chance to walk around so we can mingle with everyone. For brunch pics, click here! 

For our unofficial events, the Book Club read “Secret History of Wonder Woman” by Jill Lepore. And, the movie outing for this month was Wonder Woman.

Our July brunch will be Wonderful World of  Disney / Princesses at Brim Kitchen & Brewery. So, stay tuned!

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