GGB Colorado Springs: Early 2017 Recap

GGB Colorado Springs: Early 2017 Recap

GGB Colorado Springs has been keeping it casual for the past few months. From January through March, we’ve gathered at various coffee shops around town to meet and mingle amongst friends. Many of us have developed a fond rapport with one another and have a great support system for one another even though our gatherings are only on a monthly basis.

Because of the many, many cons in April and May and normal events that kept our officers busy, we opted to have a brunch between the two months at the bookstore/coffee shop called Poor Richards. It was our first ever book exchange! We lined all the books up and excitedly went to get our coffees (as well as a much needed table to sit at).

All the books!

After we found our desired table (three combined together to fit our turnout, yay!), we sat down and each drew popsicle sticks. The popsicle sticks each had a number to indicate the order in which our brunchettes would choose a book from the exchange pile. There were also a few special popsicle sticks: Try again (3 of our brunchettes drew that), steal (nobody drew it), and 42 (magical number where you get whatever you want – nobody drew that either).

Let the Sticks Decide

We each picked out our wrapped/bagged book and opened them all at the same time. All of our brunchettes were very happy with what they got! Check out our gallery below to see what books were exchanged.¬†Overall, it was a very good brunch and after a few hours of good fun, mirth, and general enjoyment of each other’s companies, we parted ways with new books to experience. This was such a successful event, we were chatting about doing this again in a few months. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the same books get exchanged again!

We’re already planning our June and July events for the Wonder Woman showing and going to the Renaissance Festival. Stay tuned to find out more about these future events. Better yet, if you’d like to join, come find our Facebook page and be sure to join HQ. We’d love to have you!

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