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Official WPB Chapter Launch:  May 2017

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Superhero/Comic Book Brunch at Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks in West Palm Beach (1023 N. Florida Mango Rd) with Food Truck Gastro Geeks.  RSVP and details here – https://www.facebook.com/events/1807984246133083/

Meet your officers: April, Felonice & Marci

April, 36, Deerfield Beach.
April is an archaeologist and geographer who studied craft breweries for her dissertation! She used to work in a bookstore, which was basically her dream, and got into all kinds of nerdy shenanigans. As a kid, she loved The Hobbit and Star Trek, and read every book she could get her hands on. She was/is a dedicated Stephen King fan, and even won a lottery to hear him speak. (pretty awesome event!) Her first real introduction into the world of comic/sci fi conventions was a small con dedicated to Star Trek. From that moment on she was hooked on all things cosplay.

She’s a HUGE halloween fanatic and every year tries to top all the other houses in the neighborhood with her decorations. Naturally, as a cosplayer, her costumes are the best. After marrying her husband Monty, April started the adventurous world of RPG’s, including Dungeon’s and Dragons, Shadowrun and Dresden files. Both April and her husband, along with her “ka tet” get together every Saturday night to game/discuss Star Trek/Harry Potter, and of course, craft beer. Her son Jack is well on his way to being a “geek” as well. He loves Pokemon and video games.

Geeky top 10 (in no particular order): Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Disney, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Star Trek, Xmen, D&D, Supernatural, Dresden files

Brunch drinks: mimosas, craft beer, cider

Fictional boyfriend: Dean Winchester


Felonice, 37, West Palm Beach. 
Felonice is a graphic designer/entrepreneur.  She owns two companies (a regional magazine and a local brewery/ciderworks). She first dived into geekdom in 1987 when her father bought her first computer, a Tandy computer from Radio Shack. She spent many hours on it playing tetris and rogue. Now, she is a mac geek and very invested into the cult of Apple. She spends many of her hours a day working on design projects (print, web and social media.)

As a child, she spent many hours watching Monty Python, Star Trek (Next Gen) and Dr. Who (Ted Baker) with her dad. She loves all things 80’s nostalgia (Star Wars, Dark Crystal, The Hobbit, Goonies, The Secret of Nimh, Fraggle Rock, She-Ra, Thundercats, Atari Games). She also loves to read and grew up reading R.L. Stein, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and more. She has read every Anne Rice novel and the entire Hunger Games series as well. Other interest that she is pretty geeky about include  theatre, art, music (alternative, punk, ska, 90s grunge) and Shakespeare, wine and coffee.

About three years ago, she met her partner in life, Matt. He has really encourage her to let her weirdo/geek/freak flag fly and has introduced her to all the Marvel movies (Wolverine and Capt. America are her favorite. She can’t stand Iron Man), going to super con together, renaissance faire, etc. He is also DM (Dungeon Master) for his  D&D  (Dungeons and Dragons) group and gets together 1-2x a month with his group that includes April’s husband. If they are short a player they try to rope her into playing with them on occasion.

Felonice’s family includes two kids 5 & 8 (who are on their way to being “mini geeks”). Her son is all about pokemon. (His favorites are pickachu and charmander)  and both children enjoy watching Merlin. She also has two rescue mutts with Shakespearean themed names,  Benvolio “Benny” and Juliet “Ju Ju”. Romeo recently crossed to the rainbow bridge.

Geeky Top Ten: (in no particular order) Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Star Wars, Broadway Musicals, Shakespeare, 1980’s, Marvel, Kevin Smith Movies and Quentin Tarantino Movies.

Brunch Drinks: Cider, Mimosa, Wine

Fictional Boyfriend: Wolverine

Marci, 36,  Jupiter.
Marci is a former vet tech, QA tester (Yes, I played video games for a living!), and now a caregiver for her grandmother. She enjoy video games (BioShock, Borderlands, Saints Row), comics (TWD, Saga, Chew), movies (Potter, Cannibal! The Musical, Elf, Star Wars), TV (Bob’s Burgers, GoT, TWD, Firefly, South Park, Rick & Morty). She is a Whovian, a wrestling junkie (WWE/NXT… She REALLY hopes there are more wrestling fans in Florida that she can drag to the live shows….), collector of all Funko Pop figures, roller of dice, lover of all things furry, and an old school punk-rocker at heart. On my days off, you will find me at an aforementioned NXT wrestling show, Disney, or Universal Orlando

Geeky Top Ten: In no particular order: Star Wars, MLP, Doctor Who, video games, TWD, GoT, Potter, Comics, Wrestling, Borderlands

Brunch Drinks: Bloody Mary… Non-spicy, I’m a wuss

Fictional Boyfriend: Captain Hammer