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Geek Girl Brunch Tucson

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October 2018

Meet Your Officers


Origin story:  A swamp monster that escaped the humidity to stare in wonder at cacti and those strange pointy desert mirages. She started hoarding books at a young age, the step into costuming not far behind (the comic book store she got as a first job didn’t help). She enjoys fabricating new costumes (whether it’s her fandom or not) for her tiny little group, picking up new skills is a lot of fun! Just don’t expect her to bake anything from scratch except cookies.

Fave fandoms: Okami; Gundam Wing, Weiss Kruez, Sailor Moon, Voltron, Spider-Man, Batman, and Welcome to Nightvale. Good Omens, The Chronicles of the Necromancer, The Looking Glass Wars, Dirty Job…

Brunch drink: water, orange juice, or lemonade. The more sour, the better.

Fandom people I would happily eat junk food and game with: Duo Maxwell, Ken Hidaka, the Sailor Scouts, and Voltron paladins.


Origin Story: Susanne has been a local Business Owner for a decade now. She is pursuing one Degree in Biotechnology, and the other in Business. She hopes to one day become a superhero, and save the world through science.

She attends multiple Cons a year, dressing up in group cosplay alongside her siblings. In her free time, she likes to hike through the mountains of Mordor, Climb rock walls, and get involved in anything crafty. I would bet on a weekend, you can find her submerged in a forest, reading a J.R. Tolkein book, or sketching the day away.

Favorite Fandoms: J.R. Tolkein Realm, Super Mario Brothers, Star Wars, Shannara Chronicles, and anything Sci-Fi. One of my favorite stories is Out the silent planet saga by C.s. Lewis.

Brunch Drink: Unsweetened Tea, or a Sprite.

Anime Boyfriend: John Carter of Mars. I grew up with this premise of having a man love me as he loved Dejah. Plus Edgar Rice Burroughs was way ahead of his time!