GGB Reno’s “Joss Whedon July” Brunch Recap

GGB Reno held its “Joss Whedon July” brunch at a new location – Liberty Food and Wine Exchange in Midtown. We had a private room reserved just for our group, so we were able to geek out to our hearts’ content! We quickly discovered that the Whedonverse encompasses far more than we could talk about at any…

GGB DFW Whedonverse Brunch

The DFW GGB ladies met for a Whedonverse-themed brunch on March 13 at The Social House Uptown in Dallas, in honor of Buffy, Dr. Horrible, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Avengers, and everything else Joss Whedon took part in. We had a full house and some really lovely cosplay, including Inara from Firefly and Dr. Horrible from Dr….