Brunch in a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

GGB St. Louis does Brunch in a galaxy far, far away! We may not have been able to travel to Alderaan, Naboo, or Tatooine, but the amazing ladies of GGB StL Metro did get to escape.  In a galaxy not so far, far away GGB StL brunchettes traveled to their own piece of “Germany” in…

Wahoo for the Magic School Bus Brunch

In August, 18 geeky ladies from the GGB StL Metro chapter came together to show their love of The Magic School Bus in the Delmar Loop of St. Louis.  Miss Frizzle inspired outfits were in abundance, though sadly we did not get to take one of Miss Frizzle’s amazing field trips or hear her yell…

We Declare it The Office Brunch!

I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY…Wait no, BRUNCH!!! The ladies of GGB StL Metro rushed to brunch “ASAP as possible” when they heard the theme was going to be The Office.  Although the local Chili’s wasn’t reserved to host us, we did have an amazing time.  The location chosen was Copper Fire Bar and Eatery in Belleville, IL….

Shark Week Brunch – GGB Fort Collins!

Shark Week Brunch! “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” – Chief Brody, JAWS For our 16th brunch, GGB Fort Collins celebrated all things sharks! Shark Week, JAWS, Sharknado, sharks with friggin laser beams attached to their heads… you get the idea. We convened at Smokin’ Fins for some delicious seafood – so we could feel like super…

Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Celebrates Unicorns

Gainesville’s Inaugural Unicorn Brunch The Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville chapter kicked off their first brunch with some glitter and medieval folklore. Unicorns are powerful, unique and striking, so it was an easy choice to honor them as the first brunch theme. Gainesville brunchettes met at Oggi Italian dressed to impress. Brunchettes brought out their best unicorn-themed fashion….

GGB Baltimore Goes Super Magic Anime Girl!

For July, the ladies of GGB Baltimore decided to brave downtown Baltimore during the annual Artscape festival. Despite the crowds, the closed streets and the buckets of rain, the ladies still made it out to XS; where breakfast meets sushi and other Asian cuisine. As always, XS was absolutely on point with service and food….