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Disclaimer: Not Angela’s real hair.

Origin Story: Angela grew up during the tech explosion of the 80s and 90s, from Atari to America OnLine, Commodore 64 to Nintendo 64. Toonami cultivated a soft spot for all things magical girl with the introduction of Sailor Moon, while The X-Files soothed her need for sci-fi. There was one long, lonely summer where she watched the Star Wars trilogy at least twice a week in lieu of going to sleepovers (it wasn’t cool to be a geek back then!).

After graduating college and working a year in a cubicle, she packed her bags and moved to Japan. Her parents said “See ya in five years!” when she went through airport security, and they weren’t far off (it was almost six, actually…).

She has a healthy obsession with many facets of geekdom – and will probably add whatever fandom, sub-culture, or OTP you’re discussing to her ever lengthening list.

Angela enjoys life on the daily with her geeky husband, two otaku-in-training stepdaughters, and four small dogs whose combined weight is approximately equal to one real dog.

Brunch Drink: All the coffee. I’m afraid you think I mean “a lot of coffee,” but I mean all the coffee.

Top 10 in Geekery: Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, Supernatural, Sherlock, Star Wars, the Marvel movie franchise, Harry Potter, My Little Pony, Lolita fashion, & Nintendo games and systems.
(#11: the Oxford comma.)

Angela on Social Media:
Instagram: @baba_no_debuchan
Pinterest: AbionaS
Tumblr: too old to tumble
Twitter: too verbose to tweet


Origin Story: Ashley was raised from the start as a horror geek, with Night of the Living Dead being one of the first movies she remembers watching with her family as a child. A zombie obsession was born that is as strong today as ever. That quickly expanded into being a Disney geek and a superhero geek as she absorbed all of the fantastic animation of the ’80’s and ’90’s. She was often spotted wielding a She-Ra sword or playing X-men with her older brother. A natural silver streak in her hair branded her Rogue to her classmates, and the nickname stuck. Ashley has also been gaming for as long as she can remember, beginning with Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt, and is now primarily an Xbox gamer. She loves action-adventure, story-driven, and horror games most of all.

In more recent history, Ashley geeks out about comic books, sci-fi, anime, and cosplay. Ashley met the nerd love of her life at a comic convention, and they currently reside in the State College area with her two nerds-in-training. As a family, they enjoy family game nights, trips to the comic book store, playing Pokemon Go, and having all of the adventures.

Brunch Drink: Strong coffee and mimosas.

Top 10 in Geekery: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Sherlock,Tomb Raider games, The Walking Dead (comic and t.v. series), Saga,  The Wicked + The Divine, Marvel movies, heart-wrenching emotional anime series (Tokyo Ghoul, Your Lie in April, etc).

Ashley on Social Media:
Facebook: amm83
Instagram: @iamthebadwolf8
Pinterest: amm83
Twitter: @nerdvixen