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Amora Teal-Astorii
Compendium of obscure facts, shoe fanatic, Whovian, con·nois·seur of the arts, queen of tangents.

A perpetual nomad, Amora blew into NC from the windy city. It was clear from an early age that Amora would be exceedingly geeky. A fan of all things sci-fi Amora enjoys binge-watching geeky shows that fall within that genre. More than anything Amora loves to travel and of course, geek out with her halfling. When not geeking out, Amora runs a small business with her partner. She’s obsessed with attending sci-fi conventions, and her favorite characters to cosplay include, Valkarie, Storm, Auntie Entity (Mad Max) and Kindzi (Defiance). 

Geeky Loves: Doctor Who, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones (Seasons 1-7) Outlander, Defiance, Stargate SG-1, LEXX, Mad Max, British Dramas, 80’s Music, Symphonic Metal, Sword Fighting, Historical Reenactment, Buffy, and Firefly.

Brunch Drink of Choice: Bloody Mary, Mimosas or Lambic.

Life Motto: “An unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

Fictional Partner/Love Interests: Eric Northman, Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, and Ruby Rose.

Mary-Kate Murphy

Origin Story: Mary-Kate fell into the wonderful world of geekdom young with shows and books like Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Wolverine and X-men comic books, Disney, Harry Potter, and of course Pokemon. A recent Raleigh transplant from San Francisco, Mary-Kate is loving exploring this area and meeting new people. She lives with her board game-loving fiancee and incredibly anxious and adorable dog (Pluto-Not sure if he is named after the planet or Disney character…I’m the not-really-evil stepmother). This Hufflepuff  loves to travel, eat, and organize things. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include her home. She shares much of her love of the dorkier side of life with the elementary school students she teaches.

Geeky Loves: Netflix (Stranger Things, Dark, Black Mirror), Board Games, Quilting/Crafting/Crocheting (Anything an 80 yo woman would be into), British Television because there are less seasons usually, Neil Gaiman, Doctor Who. 

Brunch Drink: Hot chocolate with a huge pile of whipped cream on top

Fictional Boyfriend: Hugh Jackman (In any role, honestly.)

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Robyn Roehm

Origin Story: I grew up in snowy New York where the only things to do in the winter were reading and playing video games.  Nintendo/Pokémon card games and Harry Potter were my jam (House Slytherin….not sure if I should announce that haha).  My husband and I moved to NC a few years ago and made Apex our home.  We have 2 cats (Olivia Newton and Fig Newton) that run away at any sign of anybody new.  

Geeky Loves: I really enjoy watching TV (Firefly, GOT, Westworld, anything zombie, The Great British Bake off), playing video games (Zelda:BOTW, Stardew Valley, Far Cry, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Subnautica), and cooking/crafting (cookies/jewelry making). I also play D&D with a group from NY still.

Brunch Drink of Choice: I love mimosas! Or just a sweet tea.

Amber Neva Brown Loves sci-fi/fantasy novels, any and all animation, and Funko Pops.

Origin Story: Hey, y’all! I’m Amber, and I’ve been a geek most of my life, especially books. I grew up on the Outer Banks and lived in Greensboro and Philadelphia for college, but now I’m settled in Raleigh with my spouse and two incredibly adorable kitties, Zephyr and Tempest. I’m currently working my dream job at Quail Ridge Books, an indie bookstore here in Raleigh, where I moderate the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club. I do freelance copyediting and consulting on the side, and when I’m not geeking out, I like to watch classic films (I’m trying to watch all of the AFI Top 100 Greatest American Films of All Time) and putter around in my personal library. I also collect animal/food mashup plushies (please ask me about them!). I’m shy at first and introverted in general, but once I get comfortable, I warm right up!

Top Geek 10 (no order):
1. fantasy novels (especially portal and fairy tale); 2. Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra; 3. Doctor Who; 4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer;
5. Miyazaki; 6. British culture (I’m an Anglophile) 7. The Twilight Zone; 8. My Hero Academia (and other anime, shojo-leaning) 9. Michael Schur sitcoms (The Good Place, Parks & Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) 10. Musical theatre (especially comedic — Think Galavant and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
(I also enjoy a lot of the “classic” fandoms — Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Star Trek: TNG, and whatnot.)

Geeky Significant Others: Howl Pendragon; Ben Wyatt; Sarkan “The Dragon”; Hela (as portrayed by Cate Blanchett); Sir Galavant; Batwoman (as portrayed by Ruby Rose).

Brunch Drink: Sweet tea

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