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Photo 821Jocelyn is an ex-media producer and future librarian who has and always will strive to get awesome content into the hands of awesome people! She’s a huge TV and film nerd and has a rather big crush on books. A Pittsburgh transplant, Jocelyn hails from the planet Ithaca, NY, where everything truly is “gorges”. She is excited to brunch her way through this incredible city with a new squad of awesome ladies!

Top 5 Geek-Outs: The X-Files, Star Trek: TNG, Harry Potter, horror and sci-fi films, 80s New Wave music

Favorite Brunch Drink: Tequila Sunrise (just tequila would do, let’s not get too fancy here)

The one nerd I’d be stuck on a desert island with for all eternity (if need be): While I’m tempted to say Magnum P.I. (also a huge Selleck fan…this chapter is full of them), I’m going to have to go with Dana Scully. She’s smart, resourceful, calm and collected in a pinch, and pretty hilarious during her downtime. I have every confidence that between the two of us, we’ll be rescued in no time (and make life-long friends while we’re at it).

Follow Me: Instagram: jocelyn73c || twitter: jocelyn73c

Laura Myers

Laura works as a marketing professional to support her geeky hobbies… and her cat! She spends her mornings running around the city marathon training and more importantly, Pokemon training. At the end of the day, Laura can usually be found on the couch playing video games. A mile of running equals an hour of gaming, right? If she’s not gaming, Laura is either marathoning a show on Netflix, reading, or exploring the city! 

Top 5 Geek-Outs: Destiny the Game, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Video Games (do I have to pick just one?!)

Favorite Brunch Drink: Coffee and a mimosa!

The one nerd I’d be stuck on a desert island with for all eternity (if need be): Hands down, Aragorn.  He’s incredibly wise and an experienced warrior… not to mention tall, dark, and handsome! Considering his mass array of skills, he’d be able to fend off any unwanted company we came across and keep us alive until we could find a way off the island.

Follow Me: Instagram: gotlauraa || Twitter: @gotlauraa

Kristin Killmeyer  
Kristin is a film and tv nerd who works at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. When she’s not ogling fossils and directing people to the nearest restroom, she can be found in front of a tv, computer, phone, and Nintendo 3DS screen, usually all at the same time. She lived in South Carolina off and on for 8 years and has 5+ cats (who she, unfortunately, had to leave in SC with her parents).

Top 5 Geek-Outs: Marvel, Doctor Who, Horror and SciFi, Fallout, and Twin Peaks (top 5 is hard!)

Favorite Brunch Drink: The bloodiest of Marys.

The one nerd I’d be stuck on a desert island with for all eternity (if need be): Lara Croft. She’s resourceful, curious, and badass. She’s a survivor.

Follow Me: Instagram: xbeautyxtruthx || Twitter: @xbeautyxtruthx

Katie Dee

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Katie Dee is a Pittsburgh native and lifelong songwriter and musician! her current musical project is the Gothic Americana act Katie Dee & The Quaking Aspens. when not traveling the world (23 countries and counting!), she works as a children’s librarian. she speaks fluent German and a little Esperanto. she probably belongs in the Victorian era but is glad to be brunching with all of you in the 21st century. this is a photo of her in girl form, but she is actually a selkie! if you become friends with her, you may get to visit her undersea home.

Top 5 Geek-Outs: Sherlock Holmes, Cthulhu mythos, The Mighty Boosh, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, K-Pop

Favorite Brunch Drink: Black coffee and/or an Aperol Spritz

The one nerd I’d be stuck on a desert island with for all eternity (if need be): Jon Snow! he is a trained warrrior, survivalist, emo kid, and has a cute dog!

Follow Me:  Instagram @flos_lunae (personal) @the_quaking_aspens (musical) || Twitter: @katie_dee

Arrielle Giles

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During the day, Arrielle’s secret identity is a frazzled mom, and wife…. However, when the night is dark and full of terrors, she is a defender of geeks and nerds everywhere! While not on the front lines, Arrielle enjoys snuggling furry creatures, reading, and making crafts…while binge watching Netflix of course.

Top 5 Geek-Outs: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Disney/Pixar, and…and fantasy novels! My goodness, how do you pick just 5??

Favorite Brunch Drink: Mimosas or white wine. I’m so basic!

The one nerd I’d be stuck on a desert island with for all eternity (if need be): J.K. Rowling…. I’d keep her as my hostage so that she would have to tell me all the Harry Potter secrets MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Plus, I feel that she would be rescued quickly and, as an extension, so would I. The resulting jail time would be 100% worth it.

Follow Me: Instagram @craftingonthecouch ||Twitter @arriellegiles 

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