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Erin Amezquita

My name is Erin and just recently moved to Hawaii from San Antonio Tx, enjoyed me GGB San Antonio chapter so much had to start one here! I dabble in many geeky things, but anime is my main jam! I love to draw and read manga and playing board and card games with my friends! I’m also a japan-holic!

Geeky Top Ten: 1. Anime 2. Manga 3. Harry Potter 3. All things Japanese 4. Marvel Universe 5. Disney 6. Kung Fu Movies 7. Batman ( all things Batman) 8. Video Games 9. Board Games ( all table top games are up for trying!) 10. Art-ing

Brunch Drink of Choice: Anything with Rum!

Hogwarts House: Judge me not by my house! Slytherin!

Instagram: Washugirle

Amanda Rashleigh

My name is Amanda and just recently moved to Hawaii from where Winter is almost always coming :aka Northern New York. All things geek intrigue me but table top games, science fiction/fantasy novels, and Doctor Who are my go to’s.

Geeky Top Ten: 1. Doctor Who 2. Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels 3. Harry Potter 3. Table Top/D20 Games 4. Fire Fly 5. Star Trek 6. Marvel Universe 7. Buffy 8. Video Games 9. Cult Classic Movies 10. Cosplay

Brunch Drink of Choice: The more bubbly the better!

Instagram: whiskey_tango_fitness

Hogwarts House:  Ravenclaw!
“Where those of will and wit, will always find their kind”

Jennifer Zalva

I’m Jennifer, but I typically go by Jen. I hail from Metairie, LA (New Orleans) and the Gulf coast of Mississippi. I’ve been here for just over 2 years with my even nerdier husband. I love playing table top games, re-reading Harry Potter and collecting as many versions of the different covers as possible, and giving my 2 extremely needy cats all the attention they deserve.

Geeky Top Ten: 1. Harry Potter 2. True Crime 3. Board Games 4. D&D 5. Podcasts 6. Disney 7. CATS 8. Crafts 9. Baking 10. Criminal minds

Brunch Drink of Choice: Poinsettia

Follow Instagram: jennifer_rosalie_bakes

Hogwarts House: 10 points to Gryffindor!!!

Official Chapter Launch:
November 24th, 2019