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Origin Story: Once Akua realized she was born on Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you) her lifelong attraction to geeky things suddenly became clear. She’d spent her early years at the Jedi Academy and later transferred to Hogwarts once she came of age. She spends an unreasonable amount of time pondering why Star Trek and Star Wars fans can’t just get along, why shrimp and tequila go together so well and if she should just give in already and get the xbox one. Now that she’s been bitten by the radioactive cosplay spider, she plans on magically becoming a professional cosplayer – as soon as she learns to sew and masters armor-making. On a typical Friday you can find her at the edge of her bed replaying ME3 and promising she’ll make new decisions this time.

Fandoms: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, GOT/ASOIAF, Mass Effect, Marvel, LOTR, Star Trek, most racing/RPG/FPS titles

Brunch Drink: 1/2 Mimosa + 1/2 Bellini…Or tequila with ice




Origin Story: Amanda is a mild-mannered nerd with a secret. As a child, she was bitten by a radioactive geek bug causing a brief animated transformation sequence. Afterwards she kind of looked the same, but she had costumes and a perpetual need for additional bookcases. Amanda quickly learned that with great fandom comes a great need to obsess with others, which she does through Geek Girl Brunch. She is also a proud supporter of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Current Fandoms: Everything Bryan Fuller, everything Joss Whedon, Astro City, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, Orphan Black, Kingdom of Loathing and Sailor Moon

Brunch Drink: Anything caffeinated



2015-04-11 14.59.59Origin Story: Ashley was accepted into the SHIELD Training Program in Arizona. She received her training under Jennifer Walters. She learned to manage her anger through a strict regiment of knitting and watching cat videos. She also studied under Tony Stark where she learned the timing of a witty retort and how to hold one’s mimosas. She then traveled the country stage managing productions ranging from a Zombie Shakespearian tragedy to the world’s largest living cuckoo clock. In her spare time, she and her roommate watch films that they haven’t seen at You Haven’t Seen?! She now spends most of her time drinking mimosas and knitting a scarf for the Hulk.

Geeky Top Ten: The Mighty Boosh, Harry Potter, Avengers, Cornetto Trilogy, BAMF Female Characters, Podcasts, Sherlock, Zombies, Hannibal, Saga, Doctor Who

Brunch Drink: All of the Champagne with a splash of juice


Ashleen me-headshot-minimal-edit

Origin Story:Ashleen’s first taste of life’s bitter disappointment came when her Acceptance Letter to Hogwarts failed to arrive in the mail when she turned 11. She quickly realized that if she must be a Muggle, she may as well be Isildur’s Heir, so she took to crafting swords from fallen branches in her driveway (and blunting the living daylights out of her mom’s branch cutters) in order to hold back the Orc Army that was brewing underneath the magical portal (read: random manhole cover) in the woods at the end of her dead end street. She later began her writing career on with sappy romantic adventures only a preteen could love, but became overwhelmed when she realized real people were actually reading it. She’s clocked literally months of her life in Morrowind (still the best Elder Scrolls Game), and she certainly learned a lot more about the birds and the bees from saucy Kingdom Hearts fanfiction than she probably should have. Now, she spends her time training to be Batgirl on the Fury Road, while also writing scripts and working on short films and webseries with a Scooby Gang of filmmakers at Invertebrate Productions. Her passion is creating more and better representation of women in film and comics.

Geeky Top Ten: Harry Potter, Batgirl, Studio Ghibli (Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke top that list), Hannibal, The Walking Dead, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, The Lord of the Rings, Relatively obscure manga called Immortal Rain, and A.I. If it has robots in it, I’ll probably love it.

Brunch Drink: As the great Donna Meagle once said: “MIMOSAS.”

Video Game Boyfriend: Cloud Strife



Origin Story: Jada was born with a fez on her head and an embroidery pattern in her hand. Her first word was “no” and she wields a power that transforms delicious bacon into an even more delicious candy. Like a true misunderstood hero she only uses this power for good and getting out of parking tickets. If you see her in the street only engage in geeky conversation if you have several hours to commit to discussing the practicalities of wizards in the muggle world. If you invite her into your home do not be alarmed if your closet has been rearranged to create perfectly coordinated everyday cosplay outfits to fit your daily needs. Accepts rewards for good deeds in the form of bourbon and/or cake.

Geeky Top Ten: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Saga, Sex Criminals, Ghostbusters, Hannibal, Sherlock, Jurassic Park, Disney villains, Subversive Cross Stitch

Brunch Drink: Bloody Barbara (it’s a Bloody Mary with bourbon instead of vodka, you’re welcome)

Anime Boyfriend: No-Face


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