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The Miami Officers



Nabila Verushka Nassar is a professional photographer who also blogs about the geeky chic fashions she wears, the action figures she photographs in the wild (mostly Link because he’s bae), and writes about videogames she plays. She’s a Slytherin, believes in aliens, and loves miniature dinosaur toys.
Nabila is also a hoarder collector of amiibos, funkos, pins, cute stationary & stickers, and has a huge Darth Vader collection. In her free time she likes to play video games, reads YA and mystery novels (as well as webtoons, manga, and Harry Potter fanfiction), and binges on anime, Netflix & pizza.

Geeky Top 10: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Legend of Zelda, XFiles, Kirby, Doctor Who, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, and Nintendo (in general).

Brunch Drink: Nutella milkshake

Animated Boyfriend: Roy Mustang
*honorable mention: Link

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Coming from Cuba in ’95 at the age of 6, she consumed as much American pop culture as she could. Like most 90s kids, she fell in love Thackery Binx, practiced her Pink Ranger morphin’ sequence, and learned all the words to Wannabe by the Spice Girls. With her eyes always glued to the TV, Lissette’s number one past-time was watching TV shows and Disney Channel Original Movies (Smart House was her fave).

As a full-fledge adult, she shares her fandoms with her geeky husband, Mike. Together they like to travel, have passionate discussions about whether or not Ross is the worst (he is), and if Batman should actually be considered a superhero (he isn’t). Lissette’s a Hufflepuff, lover of all things kawaii, and magical girl for life that enjoys the occasional binge on Netflix.

Geeky Top 10: Doctor Who, Firefly, Friends, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings,  Star Wars, Sailor Moon,  Saga, The Wicked + The Divine, and Veronica Mars. *honorable mention: Gudetama

Brunch Drink: Guayaba Mimosa

Animated Boyfriend: Viktor Nikiforov



Born and raised in Miami, Jojo is a Cuban American and speaks Spanglish at all times (there is no in between). She loves to laugh and make people laugh. If it involves twerking or shaking her bootay – she is in! She loves TV, movies, and music.  She can listen to Selena or 36 Mafia on repeat and never get tired of it. Jojo will always stop whatever she’s doing to watch Dawson’s Creek if it’s on anywhere. She is utterly obsessed with everything DISNEY and at the top of her bucket list is visiting all the Disney parks worldwide. She’ll listen to Christmas music any time of year, it will always turn her frown upside down.  She loves to annoy her husband with Snapchat filters and cuddle with her furbaby, Alfie. Jojo has worked in the Real Estate field for over 9 years and is now working on obtaining her real estate license. She keeps it 100%, party in the front and business in the back. (wait, what?) She has loved being a brunchette for the past 3 years and cherishes all the friendships she has formed along the way.   

Geeky Top 10:  DISNEY, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Back to the Future, Dawson’s Creek, Roswell, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Friends

Brunch Drink: Watermelon Mimosa

Animated Boyfriend: Mickey Mouse – Non Animated- Pacey Witter!