HQ News

11/28/17: An Update on Membership Information Protection

As you may be aware we recently experienced a data theft by former GGB Officers that took it upon themselves to take GGB membership rosters and GGB social media accounts for their own use upon their dissociation with Geek Girl Brunch. This incident made us realize that we were not doing enough to protect our membership information. We have never sold or given away our membership information and we are not going to start. We notified the affected members of the breach, and to be extra safe, we’ve done the following tasks:

  • We shut down access to our Official Member roster entirely. In the few weeks since we re-evaluated our information dissemination and slowly restored access to GGB-owned chapter accounts and confirmed-active officers only. This will allow us to keep better track of who has access to the member information and HQ will be able to grant and revoke access at will.
  • We have also made some updates to the Join page including:
    • Removed removed the date of birth entry on the Join Form for members so there we hold even less personal information.
    • Included a note to new members that if they notice if Officers are not upholding the Code of Conduct that they are to contact HQ.
  • We have begun a reconfirmation of all Officers. This reconfirmation will serve to help us update our roster of active Officers and Chapters as well as recertify our Officers acknowledgement of our Code of Conduct. Reconfirmation will conclude this Calendar Year and we will conduct quarterly surveys with our Officers to ensure they are active and agree to the code of conduct.
  • By the end of the year, we will also update the Code of Conduct with the hopes that the new additions will help prevent an incident like this from happening again.

As ever, we are grateful for our wonderful membership and proud of the vibrant community we have all created together. Happy Brunching!