Hampton Roads, VA Chapter

We are looking for another officer to help restart this chapter, which used to be the Newport News chapter. Please reach out if you are interested.


Email:  ggbhamptonroads@gmail.com

Facebook:  tbd

Instagram:   tbd

Meet the Newport News Officers!

Jen A. grew up in many different states, finally settling in Yorktown, VA when her father retired from the Air Force. She is a bookkeeper by trade, and a belly dancer and author for fun. She’s a voracious reader who enjoys science fiction, fantasy, and most genres of romance. Mexican food and potatoes are her greatest food temptations, and her geek/tech husband is her greatest love.

Geeky loves include: World of Warcraft (I play both ways), Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, desktop RPGs, old school sci-fi shows, Drunken Rock Band, 80’s music, Firefly, and Labyrinth.