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Meet the Officers

Gainesville Officer EmilyOfficer Emily
Emily is a Gainesville local since 2010 when she started at the University of Florida. By day, she works as an editor at a publishing company. By night, she co-hosts a Seoulmates Podcast, a bimonthly show dedicated to Kpop, anime, dramas and other fun things. Emily loves going to conventions and is usually presenting panels. She is an avid traveler and vlogs about her experiences on YouTube. She loves sushi and is always willing to try a new restaurant. Her dog, Eggsy, is her pride and joy. A typical Friday night for Emily consists of LARPing, playing Overwatch or watching anime.

Geeky Top 10: Overwatch, World of Darkness, Kpop, Full Metal Alchemist, Sanrio, A Song of Ice and Fire, otome games, Harry Potter, Westworld, Japanese dramas

Fictional Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Scar (FMA), Brienne of Tarth (GoT), Vegeta (DBZ)

Brunch Drink of Choice: Double screwdriver

Officer Megan
Megan came to Gainesville as a bright-eyed freshmen to attend University of Florida back in 2001. About the time she graduated in 2005, she started working for the County and has been a “local” ever since. She started her first dive into geekdom with a Vampire the Masquerade LARP at the end of her freshman year and has expanded into other roleplay genres and tabletop throughout her years. Crunchy tacos are her weakness, as are stupid comedy movies and her fat, cuddly cat, Butters. Having been shy and new to the geek world, she now loves to be a mentor for other ladies that have yet to embrace their geeky awesome selves!

Geeky Top 10: Full Metal Panic, Fruits Basket, World of Darkness, Harry Potter, Sims, Percy Jackson et al, Sailor Moon, Disney, Star Trek, Marvel movies.

Fictional boyfriend: Kyo (Fruits Basket) and Sousuke (FMP)

Brunch Drink of Choice: Mimosa

We can’t wait to geek out with you!