Fort Collins, Colorado

GGB Fort Collins

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Launch Brunch: January 2016  |    Launch Theme: X-Files

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Meet Our Fort Collins Officers!


Sarah’s Origin Story: Sarah is a cosplayer, actress, vocalist, all-around humorous individual and now… Geek Girl Officer! She also enjoys reading comics, roller-skating, playing with her dogs/bird and (the thing you’re not supposed to say) watching movies. She is a published author and performs regularly at a resort in Denver. Her greatest regret is that she will *probably* never have super powers. But…if you know a mad scientist… please let her know.

Geeky Top Ten: Masters of the Universe,  Superman/All Kryptonians, Harley Quinn/Batman,  Star Trek (TOS and Voyager),  Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers,  Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo, old movies/television, and narwhals.
Brunch Drink: Mim-OH-sa
Fictional Boyfriend: Superman. DUH.


Jaclyn’s Origin Story: Jaclyn is an administrative professional, armor maker, metal lover, bone collector, Slytherin, and gamer. She enjoys all kinds of gaming, from Dungeons & Dragons to Arkham Horror. She is a fantastic baker and loves to make cheesecakes and savory gallettes. She has a tiny black kitty named Stormageddon, the Obsidian Slayer, and an adorable pup named Tanzy. Her dream is to create an all female Counter-strike team.

Geeky Top Ten: Doctor Who, Deathnote, Kingdom Hearts, Star Trek TOS, X-Files, Blizzard Games, Counter-strike, any Image comic, Halloween
Brunch Drink: Tea! Or a fancy mocktail.
Fictional Waifus: Dante from Devil May Cry 3/Hannah from Rat Queens

Liz’s Origin Story: Liz is an artist. She’s passionate about her work and is always thinking of new things to create. She grew up a tomboy and hated it when her brother and the neighbor boys would make her be April instead of Donatello.  Her brother grew her love for looking at comic books and Xmen trading cards.  She would often steal his binder of trading cards to draw her own versions of them.  She was also his Nintento playing buddy. Liz loves to listen to people geek out over whatever they are into.  She’s new to comic cons, but she has learned in her few times going that the cosplayers are her favorite. It takes a passionate person to want to dedicate their time to perfecting the character.  Please tell Liz your geeky stories they inspire her, or let her photograph your cosplay!
Geeky Top Ten: Firefly, Deadpool, Fables, Mel Brooks Movies, Old School Nintento (Battle Toads, TMNT, Donkey Kong), American Gods, Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Little Mermaid, comic books, hiking & the outdoors
Brunch Drink: Bloody Mary
Fictional Boyfriend: Captain Mal