Emerald Coast

Welcome to the Emerald Coast chapter of Geek Girl Brunch!  We are happy to extend our chapter’s borders from Pensacola over to Panama City!!  Our launch was in October of 2017 and we have been going strong ever since!

Email us at ggbemeraldcoast@gmail.com

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The officers for the Emerald Coast chapter are:


This New Jersey native turned military spouse has been a geek her whole life.  When she was young, her house was filled with movies and her mind became a safe haven for [useless] trivia! From classics like Casablanca and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers to nerdy like The Wrath of Khan and The Empire Strikes Back – she watches them all!  When she isn’t chasing around her two children, she is playing with paper crafts or preserving jams and jellies!  A founding member of the St. Louis Metro chapter, she is proud to have established another active and growing chapter here on the Emerald Coast!

Top Geeky: Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Poldark, Outlander, Eureka, Haven, City of Heroes (Paragon Chat), Harry Potter

Brunch Drink: Strong Coffee & Exotic Mimosas!


Hi there! My name is Theresa and I’m a stay at home mom with two girls. I love painting, crafting, sewing, reading, and playing video games. My favorite video games are the Tomb Raider Series (this is definitely #1, I’ve loved them since they first came out), Skyrim, Bioshock (especially Infinite), and Witcher 3. Favorite books include the Outlander Series, Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs, Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series, and the Emperor’s Edge books by Lindsay Buroker. I always look forward to hanging with geeky like minded ladies every month, they are my kind of people.

Top Geeky: Outlander Series (books and show), Game of Thrones (show), Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel, The Great British Baking Show

Brunch Drink: Lattes


Hi fellow Geek Girls! I am Rebecca – teacher, mom, geek, and Whovian. In my free time you can find me rescuing animals, reading (or listening to audiobooks), doing puzzles, or watching my favorite Netflix shows. I’m a lover of wine, coffee, animals, and vegan food.

Top Geeky: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who

Brunch Drink: Poinsettia


Hi ladies, I’m Kara! Geek by day, Nerd by night. My favorite thing to do is read, my second favorite is watch movies and my third is to rant about how much better the book was than said movie. I am a passionate person about what I like and I love seeing others express their passion for fandoms in cosplay, art or just enthusiastic conversation. I have 2 kids that I use as my excuse to make an unrealistic amount of shirts for, that more than likely have a quote from a book or a Marvel Superhero on them.

Top Geeky: Marvel, Harry Potter, Jane Austen & The Office

Brunch Drink: Pineapple Orange Mimosa


Georgia is a  Baltimore-born, self-described nerd who is married with one fur-child. When she’s not geeking out with her fellow brunchers, she can be found at the beach on her paddleboard, at the gym where she coaches bootcamp, or in front of her computer working from home. Georgia is a total academic bookworm with a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (told you, she’s a nerd). If she’s not home, she’s probably traveling somewhere she can ride a rollercoaster!

Top Geeky: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Horror

Brunch Drink: Bloody Mary