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Meet the Cincinnati Officers


tumblr_npjdnct6C71qbr6bfo1_500Growing up in Cleveland, Amanda was the only girl on the playground who loved Star Wars. This worked out in her favor because she could always be Leia. Her love of ladies who kick butt only got stronger through the years as she watched Xena and The X-Files (her first online fandom back in the dark days of dial-up), among so many others. With every new fandom, she would dive into serious research mode and still does to this day. Books were a constant companion in addition to the movies and TV series that she loved, and ultimately led her to a career as a librarian. In addition to her MLIS, she also has a BA in French and still speaks it semi-fluently. She has a brain full of semi-useless trivia that continues to be filled by podcasts like You’re the Expert, My Favorite Murder, and The Dork Forest (which she appeared on to talk about The X-Files). Along with a couple friends, she writes for The Discriminating Fangirl blog and helps run their social media pages. In her free time, she enjoys writing both original fiction and fanfic, embroidery, crochet, and posting a ton of pictures to Instagram.

Geeky Loves: The X-Files, Star Wars, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Alien, Studio Ghibli, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, the Fraction/Aja/etc. Hawkeye run (Katie-Kate!), Kate Beaton, and books, so many books.

Brunch Drink: Anything with Grey Goose. Normally, I’m a whiskey girl, but I like to save that for the evening. I’m fancy like that.



laurenLauren lives right outside Cincinnati and has grown up surrounded by books. When it comes to fandoms, her first and longest held would be Harry Potter. She truly grew up with those books and then the movies and boasts a proud collection of HP memorabilia! As she grew up, she added more geeky and nerdy fandoms to her collection – from Harley Quinn, to Watchmen, to Doctor Who, and even the BBC Sherlock! She loves attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo every year and would love to make it to THE Comic Con in California some year. She holds a BA in English Literature and MSLS in Library Science, which just goes to show how much she really does love reading. Along with this, she runs two blogs: Shooting Stars Mag for all things books and entertainment and Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance, a blog that focuses on LGBT+ entertainment and news.

Geeky Loves: The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Watchmen, Doctor Who (9 and 10 are favorites), Harry Potter, BBC Sherlock (love their version of Moriarty), anything related to author Oscar Wilde, and so much more!

Brunch Drink: I don’t drink alcohol, so can I say a flavored lemonade? Or a virgin strawberry daiquiri!