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Official SEA Chapter launch:  July, 2015

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Sara aka “Svenna”

Svenna is a journalist/marketer cross-breed with a penchant for writing fantasy fiction and cooking Italian food. She’s also an avid video gamer and animal lover – the lucky feline being her adopted Flame Point Siamese cat, Gren. She’s a New Yorker who recently was transplanted to Seattle in 2015.

She is involved in the PMS Clan as the Editorial Director, GGVogue, Marooner’s Rock, as well as other gaming websites. She’s also working on an indie game called Tali. On a regular basis, Svenna attends geeky conventions like PAX, MagFest, E3, and various comic cons. She may or may not be cosplaying as Black Widow. Say hello!

Geeky loves: Videogames (way too many to list, we’d be here for hours), Cosplay, Anime, Lolita, Doctor Who, Comics, Game of Thrones, Astronomy, Adventure Time, the list is infinite!

Geeky Boyfriend: Tom Hiddleston’s Loki

Brunch Drink: Straight up whiskey

Heidi Millerick

Heidi is a mom to two, wife to one, and a small business owner.  She loves to create and spends most of her downtime starting, and sometimes completing, crafty projects.  She brings a lifelong love of Star Wars (definite fan of the original trilogy), science fiction, and fantasy writing to the group.  Someday, she hopes to have her own Falcor to travel with her on quests.

Geeky Loves:  Star Wars, both Marvel and DC universi (is that the plural form of universe), a developing love of cosplay, Magic the Gathering, Harry Potter

Geeky Boyfriend: Phil Coulson

Brunch Drink:  Bloody Mary

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