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Official Chapter Launch: July 2015

Meet the Bay Area Officers!



Origin Story: Gladys’ (Usagi) fall into wonderland started when she got her first comic book which was Jubilee’s 1st appearance in Uncanny X-men. She blogs about her geeky lifestyle and adventures over at her blog, Usagi in Wonderland and is all over social media! She travels to as many conventions as she can, cosplay, snuggles up to Netflix, and is a hoarder of toys. She wants to be Kate Bishop when she grows up.

Also, don’t feed her after midnight.

Geeky Top Ten: Sailor Moon (Anime), Star Wars, Disney, Comic books, Netflix (Netflix is a geek love right?) Video/Board Games, The X-files, Tattoos, Scrapbooking, & Toy hunting

Brunch Drink: Mimosa

Fictional Boyfriend: Han Solo from Star Wars

Additional Projects/Communities:

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