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Jenn is new to a lot of things: life after college, San Diego, and the geek life! Using the words “new” and “geek life” together might be incorrect…she merely just recently discovered how geeky she really is! She tapped into her hardcore geekery after taking a class in her undergraduate years titled ‘History of Video Games’ (yeah, that’s a thing!) and it just snowballed from there.

Now, she works in the tech/gaming industry professionally which allows her to combine her love of art and technology. As well, she can be found reading anything from Star Wars: Legacy series to Jane Austen, writing blurbs to novels, researching NASA’s latest missions, or traveling through unknown islands with Lara Croft or settling the land of Catan.

Geeky Loves: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Fables and Mythologies from many cultures, Star Trek, Star Wars, Jet propulsion and space travel, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, the Italian Renaissance, Supernatural, Firefly, Iconography and Symbolism, Games of any platform and style, Computers, Coding, and any convention she can afford to attend.

Go-To Brunch Drink: Any version of an Irish Coffee

Ways to Connect:
Twitter – @jennvking
Instagram – @jennvking
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Andee has been engaging in geeky pursuits since as long as she can remember. Her dad was into D&D and Warhammer so there were always models to build and miniatures to paint around the house. As soon as she could read she had access to a vast pile of SciFi/Fantasy books and a treasure trove of comics.  

Reading has remained her most favorite passion and she can still be found devouring books as fast as her work and home life schedules will allow her to do so. Her only tattoo is a quote from her all-time favorite novel, Stranger in a Strange Land. The odds are ever in your favour that if she’s to be found, she’s carrying a book, and she will happily talk your ear off about her favorites and lament each series that she is eagerly awaiting the next installment on. She circles the book vendors at Comic-Con International each year eagerly scooping up ARCs and gossip about future books. If she’s not reading, and her work and Tiny Overlord permit her time, she can be found crocheting.

Geeky Loves: Robert Heinlein, BATMAN, Patrick Rothfuss, Pierce Brown, J.R. Ward, Diana Gabaldon, Star Wars

Go-To Brunch Drink: Mimosas and coffee