Salt Lake City, Utah

Welcome to the Salt Lake City Chapter! 

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Next Brunch date: July 2nd! Star Trek 5k!


Meet Our Officers! 

Anna’s Origin Story:
While growing up Anna had an affinity for watching her uncles play video games. Soon she
picked up a controller and began to adore the way she could make Crash Bandicoot jump over ridges. As she grew up she began to devour books after reading Harry Potter. This obsession with the boy wizard resulted in many friendships. In high School she found a fellow geek that enjoyed arguing about who shot first Han or Greedo (Han, obvs) and they got married a few years after graduating. Now she enjoys binge watching television shows she loves, her new found love of comic books, and making purses based on those shows.
Geeky Top Ten: Harry Potter, Haven, Stargate, Geek Crafting, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel, Doctor Who, Supernatural, any book by Meg Cabot, and Funkos.
Favorite Brunch Drink: Chai Tea
Fictional Boyfriend: Ned the Piemaker (Pushing Daisies)
Life Motto: When in doubt, add more kissing.

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Jackie’s Story
image1Jackie is a makeup artist and grew up in a house of geek, between her dad’s comic book and action figure collections geekery and collecting is her in blood. Her love of science fiction was cemented in 1997 when 9 year old Jackie saw Star Wars for the first time. Now a days she lives in a Funko Pop and comic con dream world. Star Wars and Harry Potter are her top loves but will fangirl over many other fandoms. You can often catch her at or planning her next Disneyland trip!

Her biggest worry: Running out of room on my denim jacket for all of my enamel pins.
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