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Official Reno Chapter Launch:  July 2015

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The Reno Officers


Origin Story: My mother was my gateway into my lifelong obsession with everything nerd/geek-related. She raised me on Star Trek, Star Wars, 80’s horror & sci-fi films like Poltergeist, Alien(s), Paul Verhoeven films, E.T., The Dark Crystal, and a ridiculous list of animation including Looney Tunes, an INSANE amount of Disney, Tom & Jerry, Popeye, not to mention a virtual lifetime of playing Nintendo…my list of geeky loves could go on forever. Not only am I obsessed with geek movies & TV, but I love video games and board games and science and technology and grammar and all those wonderful nerd hallmarks. By the time I got married as Princess Leia it was pretty much undeniable that I had an inescapable geek soul, and it’s a huge part of my identity. I’ve also been learning how to sew to improve my costuming skills. Perhaps most importantly, I am passing the geek gene on to the next generation with my young son and daughter.

Geeky Loves:  Star Trek, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Firefly, Xena, Community, LOTR, GoT, Ray Harryhausen, Rick & Morty, Pinky & the Brain, superheroes, Disney, Fringe, The 100, Mythbusters, Neil DeGrasse Tyson/Bill Nye, nature programs, Mel Brooks, listening to movie scores, Monty Python, Avatar/Korra, Project Runway, but the list is literally endless and I’m sure I’ve forgotten so much…

Geek Obsession: Kylo Ren

Brunch Staple: Coffee & bacon



Origin Story: coming soon!

Geeky Loves: coming soon!

Geek Obsession: coming soon!

Brunch Staple: coming soon!



Origin Story: coming soon!

Geeky Loves: coming soon!

Geek Obsession: coming soon!

Brunch Staple: coming soon!


Origin Story: Angela grew up reading manga and watching anime and dreaming of being a ninja. She was introduced to the wonderful world of sci-fi via the X-Files but then fell asleep during Firefly and never got into any of the “star” fandoms – Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate. She did redeem herself somewhat through Doctor Who but she was really there for David Tennant. Recently she joined the MCU fandom because Civil War gave her a lot of Team Iron Man feels. Once upon a time, she was an avid WoW player and even completed a quest line for a legendary weapon but nowadays, her gaming is limited to her phone.

Geeky Loves: Cats, Doctor Who, Doraemon, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Great British Baking Show, Harry Potter, Hunter X Hunter, Initial D, Kindaichi Case Files, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Netflix, Professor Layton, the Oatmeal, Words with Friends

Geek Obsession: Tall, dark and morally ambiguous characters.

Brunch Staple: Desserts! Because that is how a responsible adult eats.

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