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Official LA Chapter Launch:  April 2015

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The LA Officers

Toni Adams- Herald of Geek
I am the one who reads way too many books. The one who will bawl into a pillow for every cliched moment in kdrama.  You will find me at local comic cons proudly prancing about in my cosplay, even as I hold a ripped portion from a loose seam. For everything shiny, cats, books, kpop,  dragons, knitting, MTG, video games, kdrama, sewing, and more….I am the one that squees! :;dramatic cape twirl::

On a somewhat semi-realistic note, I am contributor and distributor for many things geek.  I am one of the Senior Contributors for Fangirl Nation, an online website for all things geek. My interviews with creators and more can be found under my own geek label Squeedar. Many of the videos there were made on behalf of Fangirl Nation. I also contribute my nostalgic randomness on Atomic Junkshop.

Additional Communities/Projects:

In between the time dimensions, I also run three book clubs: Random Book Club (all things fiction), Other Realms(science fiction/ fantasy), and VF NoHo (romance of all sorts of smutty nature).

Life Mantra: Shiny……

Geeky Loves:  Books, kdrama, kpop, Doctor Who, MTG, Warcraft, Disney movies, Cosplay,comic books,board games,  Dawson’s Creek, Babysitters Club, Regency romances

Tell us why you wanted to be an Officer for GGB. :  I do enjoy meeting other people who share my interest. As I get older, it definitely becomes harder to hang out with friends or even just basically socialize. It’s too easy to just stay at home and watch one more episode. So here’s to getting outside, socializing, and increasing that happy meter.

What is your favorite thing about the city you live in?  I live in a city of diverse interest. In one afternoon, I can get a boba, watch an indie movie, eat some pho, go into a knitting store, then hop on over to a comic book store, and end the day with board games and beer at a tavern.

Brunch Drink: Water (I’m a lightweight and I don’t drink that much)


Origin Story-
Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael, Ravenclaw, filmmaker and founder of Sunshine Moxie Entertainment. I’m a Black girl from Chicago who was supposed to stay inside my box but instead, she decided to dream big, live bigger and change the world through visual storytelling. Since 2010, I’ve written and directed across mediums to tell stories about the objects of her obsession: women of color. 
My most recent project, Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis, has given me joy and life since 2016 and has expanded my ideas of fandom and what it means to be part of a community of fans (or geeks)!
**For my bio, I don’t have much more to say about myself but I think it’s okay if they’re different lengths! I looked at some of the other officer pages and I’ll keep working on something more fun but I’m very happy with this for now. 
Geeky Loves-
Harry Potter, Chicago, Jane Austen, Fantasy, Books, *Nsync, Power Rangers, Period Pieces, War Films, Ghostwriter, Chocolate, Pens
Fictional Favs-
Fake BFF: Felix from Orphan Black, Thursday & Sharita from Awesome Girl’s Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men; Fake Boyfriend: Elias from An Ember in the Ashes, Ji Chang Wook, Froi from the Lumatere Chronicles, Scooter from Living Single, Rafael from Jane the Virgin
Moment of my dreams: James Farrell standing outside his car waiting for Davie Jones outside the church. I live.  


Age: 23 ½

Where I’m from: Chicago girl born and raised

In my dreams BFF: QUEEN IU. I would say my love for IU is embarrassing but I’m actually not ashamed so moving on.

Geeky Loves:  Harry Potter (Hufflepuff in the house)! KPOP, KDrama, Doctor Who (The Tenth Doctor is my fav incarnation), Disney, Fanfiction, High School Musical, Star Wars, Star Trek, Jane Austen, Sci fi, Fantasy, Period Pieces.

Brunch Drink: Southern Belle (shoutout to saddle ranch).

In my dreams Boyfriend: Tom Cruise, Jesse Williams, Eric Northman, G-Dragon, Ji Chang Wook,Jo In Sung, Zhang Bin Bin, Chris Brown (2006-2009) Matthew Claremont, Draco Malfoy, Michael Ealy, Rafael (Jane will never deserve a man such as he) wow I’m spinning out of control,  I gotta get out of this black hole of fineness. Moving on.Follow:

  • Instagram: Chitownshy23
  • Twitter: @NaameeYisrael

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  1. Toni says:

    i am so excited for a group like this to form!!! i love meeting other fellow geek girls!!

  2. Mallory says:

    Cannot wait for Geek Girl Brunch!!
    xx Mal @ Bad Wolf Brunch

  3. Cannot wait for Geek Girl Brunch!!!

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