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Your Sin City Officers

Sarah Jean
“If your Grandma loves it, I probably will too.”sarahsynapse

Origin Story: Sarah is a midwest native now living in Las Vegas. She has always had a big imagination and thrives on being creative. In 2012, Sarah launched her Etsy shop, Synapse to Synapse, where she cross stitches geeky decor & accessories. Besides stitching, she is an annual passholder to Disneyland, loves all things retro/pin up, and is a proud member of the IGGPPC. Sarah believes embracing your geekiness is bound to start conversations. If you think The Wonder Years is one of the most profound tv shows of all time, then you and Sarah will hit it off.

Geeky Top Ten: Disney, Animal Crossing, Batman, Sherlock, I Love Lucy, Commander Keen, Pyrex, Wayne’s World, Vinyl, Collecting

Brunch Drink: Latte with cashew milk

Geek Crush: Jack Kelly & Duckie

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“My Funko Pop Collection? Seriously it’s almost a problem.”

Origin Story: Nicole hails from the Land of the Rising Sun, having spent her childhood at a military base in Japan where she was witness to all things Sailor Moon. After a move to Sin City she became a high school orchestra teacher, bringing all of her geeky love for music scores to life for the sake of education all while making time to binge watch seasons of Supernatural and pwn some newbs in Overwatch.

Geeky Top Ten: Supernatural, Sailor Moon, Overwatch/any Blizzard game, Stardew Valley, Danny Elfman scores, Disney, Funko Pop Collectibles

Geek Crush: Castiel from Supernatural

Vanessa (bio to come!)