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Origin Story: Like many before her, Tiana first tapped into her inner geek with a deep love for movies. As a teen, this passion was so cultivated she became known as a walking movie encyclopedia.  This talent would not last as she was engulfed by higher education and began to lose touch with her roots as a cinema connoisseur. It seemed she would fall into an eternal darkness of strict responsibility and adulthood. However, all was not lost and she realized the two worlds could collide in a beautiful mosaic.

Now entering her thirties, she maintains a big girl life in sports medicine while keeping one foot firmly in Neverland. Her loves include traveling, hockey, rugby, traveling for hockey and rugby, sushi, reading, Netflixing, and her pups Shera and Penny. As a liberated Geek Girl, she is dabbling in the world of Cosplay and looks forward to the adventures that are sure to come.

Top Ten Fandoms: Sherlock, Marvel, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Disney, Penny Dreadful, Outlander, Doctor Who


Brunch Drink: Breakfast Beer

Fictional Boyfriend: Moriarty

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Origin Story: In the year 1984, the one the world would come to know as the great Julie of the Central Valley emerged from the womb. At a young age she discovered the power of fangirling while obsessing over movies, tv, and music in the confines of her bedroom fortress. The Mighty Internet became her mentor and showed her the ways of the geek. She trained hard making fanzines and running a zine distro online, but her arch nemesis made himself know to Julie. His name was Adulthood. Julie fought Adulthood with every Weezer song download, with every Time Warp jump to the left and step to the right, with every Jurassic Park movie quote, but Adulthood was stronger. Julie was imprisoned for many moons on the planet Retail Work as well as its sister planet Community College. She thought all the fight had left her body…until she broke her chains and escaped to the galaxy of San Diego Comic-Con!

Everywhere Julie turned, geeks were being themselves freely and without judgment. The galaxy awakened her geek spirit and she gained the power of 10 fangirls…plus two! The horrible villain Adulthood appeared ready to assert his dominance, but he was no match for the great Julie’s signature fangirl moves – The 13 1/2 Hour Sherlock Marathon, The Bearded Rick Grimes Swoon, and the final Dracarys Fire Fatality. Adulthood was slain. Henceforth she is known as the great Julie of the Central Valley, owner of Etsy shop TheCrownJulies, maker of geeky necklaces, teacher’s aide of elementary school, proud aunt/mentor of young geeks in training, and Adulthoodslayer.

Top Geeky Loves:  Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Knick, Penny Dreadful, Downton Abbey, medical oddities/curiosities, Victorian and early 1900s medicine/medical practice, all things British, travel, San Diego Comic-Con

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Obligatory Love Interests:  Sherlock Holmes, Loki of Jotunheim/Asgard, Rick Grimes, Star Lord, and James Moriarty (also known to Adulthood as Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Andrew Lincoln, Chris Pratt, and Andrew Scott)

Favorite Brunch Drink:  to be determined, as brunch was not a custom of the planet Retail Work.

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