Fort Collins, Colorado

GGB Fort Collins
GGB Fort Collins

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Launch Brunch: January 2016  |    Launch Theme: X-Files

Meet Our Fort Collins Officers!

Sarah’s Origin Story: Sarah is a professional cosplayer, actress, vocalist, stand-up comic, licensed esthetician and now… Geek Girl Officer! She enjoys comics, archery, swimming, going to Cons, watching bad-ass lady television (like Supergirl), and playing with her dog. She met her husband at Denver Comic Con at a Sci-Fi Speed Dating session. Who knew a Starfleet Officer could fall in love with a Jedi?
Sarah looks forward to having mimosas with all the lovely geek ladies of FoCo.

Geeky Top Ten: She-Ra: Princess of Power, Superman, Harley Quinn/Batman, Star Trek (TOS and Voyager), Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, Xena: Warrior Princess, Harry Potter, narwhals and sushi.
Brunch Drink: “You say potato, I say Vodka.” – Karen Walker
Fictional Boyfriend: Superman. DUH.

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Jaclyn’s Origin Story: Jaclyn is an IT professional, armor maker, metal lover, bone collector, and avid gamer. She enjoys all kinds of gaming, from World of Warcraft to tabletop to Geist: the Sin Eaters. She is a fantastic baker and loves to make cheesecakes and fruity things. She has a tiny black kitty named Stormageddon, the Obsidian Slayer. Her dream is to create an all female Counter-strike team.

Geeky Top Ten: Doctor Who, Deathnote, Kingdom Hearts, Star Trek TOS, X-Files, Blizzard Games, Counter-strike, The Walking Dead, any Image comic
Brunch Drink: Anything frozen/blended/iced and containing caffeine
Fictional Waifus: Dante from Devil May Cry 3/Hannah from Rat Queens

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Allison’s Origin Story: Allison is a researcher by profession and gamer by leisure. She is an equal opportunity gamer and enjoys all manner of computer games, board games, and role playing games. She also loves sci fi and fantasy films, and trashy vampire novels. Allison is loving owner to 2 cats (Annie Oakley and Dr. Emma Russell) and 2 dogs (Sophie Pendragon and Ava).

Geeky Top 10: Studio Ghibli Films, Harry Potter, Blizzard Games, Factorio, The Fifth Element, X-Men, DC Universe, The Sookie Stackhouse Series, Jupiter Ascending, all things furry
Brunch Drink: Oh, that has whiskey in it? Yes please.
Fictional Boyfriend: Peter Quill, Star Lord – Guardians of the Galaxy