Bakersfield, California

Welcome to the Bakersfield Chapter Page!

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Launch Date: August 2015

Theme: Bring Your Geek!

Meet the Bakersfield Officers!

Meet Sarah

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Sarah is 25 years old and has been cosplaying since she was a child. Every year her mom would help her with her Halloween outfit and she would either be a sky dancer or kitty. Long after Halloween was over she would still wear her kitty outfits around. Dressing up has no limits for Sarah. She has continued that tradition by now making outfits for her own young daughter, who is a geek-in-training. She has logged countless hours in theater and is apart of the National Thespian Society. She was a stage manager during her whole high school career along with helping build stage sets and even did some in college. She is now apart of a gaming community on Steam, called Real Time Gamers Club. It is a group for all ages with people who enjoy playing console and online games.
She also makes and sells her own clothing, cosplay items, and outfits. She runs a page called Star Dust’s Kandi and Fluffy Rave Attire off of face book and has been doing it for 4 years. She also dances at events as a GoGo. During the last few months she has become captain of her own team of 7 girls and design their outfits. In March they are doing a show and are all going to be different colored versions of the Cheshire Cat.
Sarah also has an extensive karate back ground. She has also achieved the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt along with rank of Sensei. She has weapons training and taught her own class under her dojo for almost 6 years.
Geeky Loves: Cosplay, Ranma 1/2, Death Note
Brunch Drink: Strawberry Daiquiri

Meet Rebecca

10616260_4788138398830_7978927883669112_nRebecca is a life long geek and a beginning cosplayer. She is a full-time college student who’s 23 years old and working toward a career involving her favorite thing: animals. A biology major with a concentration in wildlife and part-time café worker with too much homework and not enough time to make progress on cosplays. She’s an avid reader and an aspiring novelist as well as an amateur poet. Her major geeky goal (besides making the Bakersfield chapter of Geek Girl brunch AWESOME) is making it to SDCC one day, in full cosplay.
She has been a long time member of the IGGPPC: International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club, and enjoys meeting other geeky girls from all over the world and even meeting up with and going to Theme Parks and Cons with them. Becca is also a long time participant of NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month in an effort to build her skills in creating fantasy and SciFi worlds for other geeks to enjoy.
She also considers herself a science geek, with a love for biology, ecology and the world in general. She loves to travel and see new things. She’s always open to experience new and exciting things and rarely shy’s away from getting dirty for the sake of adventure.
Geeky Loves: Harry Potter, Disney, Sherlock Holmes, Books, Alice in Wonderland, Hunger Games, Marvel, Sailor Moon, Magic, Science
Brunch Drink: Mint Julep

Meet Amanda

(Photo Coming)

Amanda is a bit of a nostalgic nerd. Most of her geek loves are from decades past (specifically the 80’s and 90s). It probably has to do with the fact that she started her journey into geekdom at a very early age. She would listen to Dr Demento on the radio with her dad while they cleaned the house on the weekends, exposing her to great comedic works and the fabulousness that is Weird Al. Needless to say, the nerdiness was strong with this one. Growing up, Star Trek:The Next Generation (and Deep Space Nine…and Voyager), Monty Python, The X-Files and classic SNL were regular family viewing. At age five she also developed her first die-hard fandom in the form of a boy band named New Kids on the Block. While she never got to see them in concert when she was little, she has since seen them twice in her adult life, and its been a serious dream come true.
Amanda spends most of her days helping run the PTA at her son’s school, keeping her daughter from chasing the cat around the house, and occasionally getting to read a book that doesn’t involve Dr Seuss. She has an affinity for teen movies from the 80’s (long live the Brat Pack!), but can just as easily quote Clueless and Mean Girls. She also has a fondness for streaming video games on Twitch for charity, taking part in Extra Life and Play Live.
Additional Communities/Projects:
Favorite Quote: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller
Geeky Loves: World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Guild Wars 2, New Kids on the Block, going to conventions, comparing books to their movie counterparts
Brunch Drink: Iced Tea with lots of sugar

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