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October 2018


Meet Your Officers


“Dear old world, you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”

-Anne Shirley

Origin Story: Born and raised in the South, Samantha managed to slip away without acquiring an accent somehow. She spent her childhood reading books, climbing trees, climbing trees with books, dancing her Barbies to The Nutcracker and gabbing about her latest read to largely uninterested peers. Later she found herself working in a bookstore and taking huge advantage of her discount to the great disadvantage of her bank account. She now spends her days as a nanny, crafting in her spare time and wondering how Mary Poppins and Clara Oswin Oswald made it look so easy.

Geeky Loves: Doctor Who, Harry Potter (obvis), A Series of Unfortunate Events, Marvel (but especially Spider-Man and certain Wakandan warriors), Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen, poetry, and always and forever Anne of Green Gables.

Brunch Drink: Hot Chocolate in cold weather and whatever new lemonade blend on the menu the rest of the year, especially if it has a sprig of basil in it.

Geek Crushes: Stiles Stilinski, Morgana Pendragon, Lena Luthor (maybe just Katie McGrath???), Riz Ahmed, Valkyrie, and that  should-be Killmonger cosplayer she met at DragonCon.

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Origin story:  A swamp monster that escaped the humidity to stare in wonder at cacti and those strange pointy desert mirages. She started hoarding books at a young age, the step into costuming not far behind (the comic book store she got as a first job didn’t help). She enjoys fabricating new costumes (whether it’s her fandom or not) for her tiny little group, picking up new skills is a lot of fun! Just don’t expect her to bake anything from scratch except cookies.

Fave fandoms: Okami; Gundam Wing, Weiss Kruez, Sailor Moon, Voltron, Spider-Man, Batman, and Welcome to Nightvale. Good Omens, The Chronicles of the Necromancer, The Looking Glass Wars, Dirty Job…

Brunch drink: water, orange juice, or lemonade. The more sour, the better.

Fandom people I would happily eat junk food and game with: Duo Maxwell, Ken Hidaka, the Sailor Scouts, and Voltron paladins.



Origin Story: Susanne has been a local Business Owner for a decade now. She is pursuing one Degree in Biotechnology, and the other in Business. She hopes to one day become a superhero, and save the world through science.

She attends multiple Cons a year, dressing up in group cosplay alongside her siblings. In her free time, she likes to hike through the mountains of Mordor, Climb rock walls, and get involved in anything crafty. I would bet on a weekend, you can find her submerged in a forest, reading a J.R. Tolkein book, or sketching the day away.

Favorite Fandoms: J.R. Tolkein Realm, Super Mario Brothers, Star Wars, Shannara Chronicles, and anything Sci-Fi. One of my favorite stories is Out the silent planet saga by C.s. Lewis.

Brunch Drink: Unsweetened Tea, or a Sprite.

Anime Boyfriend: John Carter of Mars. I grew up with this premise of having a man love me as he loved Dejah. Plus Edgar Rice Burroughs was way ahead of his time!