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Official Chapter Launch: August 2015


profile pictureLauren

Origin story: Lauren was destined from an early age to grow into full geekdom. Raised by a pc gaming/sci-fi loving father, and a voracious reader of a mother, they taught her their ways from her infancy. Eventually, her geekery surpassed their own, and in-kind she imparted to them a love of board games, superheroes, and Harry Potter.

On finding that she’d somehow leveled her way up into adulthood, she struck out to make her living in lighting and has finally finished her apprenticeship and entered her journeyman period, with the hope of attaining the title master lighting designer someday. Her salary helps fund a new found roller derby addiction, along with keeping her waist deep in yarn. In her travels she also found a nice geek boy to settle down with. They live quite happily with their fluffy Akita puppy in a home filled with books, dice rolling, and laughter.

Geeky Top Ten: Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Tolkien lore, Star Trek (TNG in particular), History, classic literature, craftiness, comics (mostly Marvel & the indies, with a budding interest in DC), and tabletop roleplaying

Brunch Drink: Horseradish bloody mary

Fictional Boyfriend: Since Richard Feynman isn’t fictional, she’d quite happily live with Faramir in Gondor

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* Empress of the Sci-Fi Army & Tech Goddess

Origin Story: Amanda was raised under the two moons of Abode until she was kidnaped by the Phoenix Force and flung halfway across the galaxy into adventures of daring do. She spent her childhood training in spellsongs, trading her soul for anything with a print type or narrative arc, and tripping up the boys with her erudite knowledge of all things geeky and arcane.

By day, she takes care of special needs children and corrects people’s grammar for pay. By night, she fights crime as five to twenty different people, including a Research Queen, a Google Eight-Ball, a Tech Wizard and a Dragon Con Dame. It’s been whispered her kryptonite is large vocabularies, geeky jewelry, tea, and stashes of dark chocolate.

Geeky Top Ten: The Expanse, Humans, all Space SciFi’s, Disney, Terry Moore, Comixology, Netflix/Hulu, A Song of Ice and Fire, John & Hank Green, and geeky subscription boxes

Favorite Cosplays: Clue’s Miss ScarlettHawaii Five-0’s Steve McGarrett, and Farscape’s Aeryn Sun (Up and coming: Utena Revolutionary Girl’s Anthy Himemiya!)

Favorite Quote: “Do I contradict myself? Very well…then I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.” — Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman

Brunch Drink: Anything tequila tangential

Fictional Boyfriend: Jack Robinson
Fictional Girlfriend: Jean Grey

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* Official Photographer

Origin Story: Erika has always appreciated the fairy-tale world having been brought up by a stepdad who worked at Disney and a mom who instilled a deep love of reading. Her best friend was a boy growing up and they loved to have lightsaber battles, go to Disneyland every chance they got and read comic books together.

Luckily as an adult, she met her amazing husband who shares all of her true loves and they are proudly bringing up three awesomely nerdy kids who enjoy cosplaying at local comic cons, playing D&D and generally “geeking” out together.

Geeky Top Tens: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Cosplay, The Fifth Element

Brunch Drink: Mango Mimosa

Favorite fictional Boyfriend:  10th Doctor

Favorite Quote: “Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

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Maggie Conrad
* Title: Geek StitcherOrigin Story:As with many 90s kids, my mornings started with Sailor Moon and my afternoons with Power Rangers. Then, came Toonami and I convinced my parents I could do the math and watch DBZ at the same time. That was all I did, though. Oops. Eventually, my video game and anime obsession exploded. I met my now husband. He’s a super nerd too. Over 10 years ago we went to our first anime convention for our anniversary. Eventually, we moved to San Antonio where I realized I had been hiding too much of my nerdiness for too long! Long live geeky SATX! And I would never have found it if not for that “sticky blue mess”…

Geeky Top Tens: 
Zelda, Sailor Moon, Doctor Who, Musicals, RPGs (tabletop and video games), Kingdom Hearts, Steampunk… Am I really supposed to narrow it down?Brunch Drink:

Mojito (Mimosas are a close second)Fictional Girlfriend:

H.G. Wells of Warehouse 13Favorite Quote: “The ink in which our lives are inscribed is indelible.” H.G. Wells of Warehouse 13

Places to find you:

  • Knight Watch Games
  • where ever my non-biological twin is.
  • Dungeon Mom-ing the RPGals
  • FB: maggie.conrad.71
  • Twitter: @StitchryGeekry

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