Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas (DFW)



Hello Brunchettes,
It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that last night, the Dallas GGB Officers stole GGB membership data, social media accounts, business contacts and list serves for their own benefit.


HQ is aware that they have sent emails announcing their new organization called Ladies Who Geek. Unfortunately for you, the way they launched their new organization was via the theft of your information. They used their positions as GGB Officers to take your data for their own gain. Ladies Who Geek has nothing to do with Geek Girl Brunch. We explicitly state in our code of conduct that such data thievery is not allowed. All Officers go through a three step process to confirm their understanding of what GGB is about. The former Dallas officers did this knowingly and for their own personal and financial gain.


It is GeekGirlBrunch’s sincere recommendation that you do NOT give the Ladies Who Geek org any of your money or time. They have proven they should not be trusted. They have been underhanded and oblique in their dealings with HQ and are attempting to extort money from the very population that they purport to serve. This is not what Geek Girl Brunch is about.


You may also find yourselves part of facebook groups, twitter lists, following accounts on Instagram, Twitter, snapchat etc that you never followed before. That is because the Ladies Who Geek org also stole those accounts from GGB.

GGB HQ has locked all officers across the organization out of our membership rosters as a result of the actions of these former Dallas GGB Officers. We treat the care-taking of your contact information very seriously and have never sold or given any other entity access to your information. GGB HQ will not give Chapter Officers access to this roster again until we have decided how to better protect it. Unfortunately, Ladies Who Geek has already stolen your information. For that we apologize. It should never have happened. We thought we could trust those officers with your data. We were mistaken.


Please consider the GGB Dallas Chapter suspended. It will relaunch when we have new officers to run it. If you are interested, please let us know.


If you have any questions please contact HQ at geekgirlbrunch@gmail.com .


— GGB HQ (Jamila, Rachel and Yissel)







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  1. YESSSS!!!! I’m so IN for a Dallas GGB!!!!!