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Danita is a dork. She is a geek. She is a nerd and she really really, really, loves Doctor Who. She thinks in a british accent and sometimes will forget to eat if she’s reading a really good book. Which for her is an atrocity. Her secret geek hobby is watching other people play video games because it’s like watching a movie where she can affect the outcome. She loves watching the Who, Sherlock, Adventure Time, devours books, and is slowly watching all the anime Netflix has to offer (Scout Regiment for life!). If you know who Jasper Fforde is she may just hug you IRL.

Geeky Top Ten: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Adventure Time, Jasper Fforde, Neil Gaiman, Star Trek, Saga, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, South Park

Brunch Drink: Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade

Anime Boyfriend: Jake the Dog (This totally counts)



providenceProvidence is a major gamer geek! She loves to play videogames and her favorite has always been Zelda on the Nintendo 64. She is fur mommy to two crazy pups and loves to snuggle with them when it’s cold. She loves to relax with a good drink and try new indie games out on the weekends. When she’s not gaming, she is working on obtaining her major at TCU, volunteering for an ESL group, and writing her first criminal mystery book. If she had one geeky wish, she would have her own in-home theater dedicated to gaming on the big screen and movie theater like concession stand!

Geeky Top Ten: Star Wars, Zelda (N64), The Walking Dead, Fallout 3, Lord of the Rings, Minecraft, Dead Space trilogy, Firefly (show and movie), Princess Mononoke, and Pokemon.

Brunch Drink: Mimosas (classic!)

Anime Boyfriend: Link


Taffeta Darling

11066816_1571515453108631_1077146680479008740_n Taffeta Darling is a nostalgic 80s baby obsessed with cult classics, pop culture, JRR Tolkien writing, music and Kurt Russell. She reads comics by day and writes reviews for various geekcentric websites by night. Recently, Taffeta has started writing her first comic strip with buddy and talented artist Jeremy Martinez.

She has been a staple in the DFW geek community for nearly a decade and now travels all over to participate in panels and more at events from Colorado to New York. She was the creator and producer of Texas’ first all female webcast, and continues to broadcast with fellow geeks and fans from her home studio “House Tolkien”.

GEEKY TOP TEN: Funko Pop Vinyls, BioShock franchise, The Simpsons, A Song of Ice and Fire, X-Men, Ghostbusters, Batgirl, Sci-FI, John Hughes Movies, Collecting Vinyl.

Brunch Drink: Tennessee Honey Whiskey on ice.

Anime Boyfriend: Booker DeWitt


  • Taffeta on facebook facebook.com/taffetadarling
  • twitter @TaffetaDarlin (no g)
  • instagram @TheTaffetaDarling

tiff_officerphotoTiff (Tifftoxic)

Tiff is best described as a “Jill of all Trades.” Everything from art to cosplay to gaming, she has her hands in it all! She is a Mom and a video game retail Store Manager. Creating has always been an involvement in her life and the geeky nerdy part just takes over it all!

Cosplay is a new fun adventure, making costumes for both herself and her daughter to attend local cons and have fun. When not working on art projects, video games take up that time. Tiff’s favorite game styles are First Person Shooters for either of the New Gen systems. On the more casual side, is anything on the 3DS.

Days off of work are usually filled with art, trips to the comic book/art supply store and lots of gaming!

Geeky Top Ten: Halo, Sailor Moon, Futurama, Cosplay, Collecting Super Cute Mini Figures, Prop building, Robots, Gaming, Painting, and more recently – comic books (BatGirl & Spider Gwen)!

Brunch Drink: Mimosas and Espresso shots ;9

Favorite Game: Definitely the Halo series

Favorite Art form: Painting hands down. Any type is so fun! I love them all!



sandraOrigin Story: The best way to describe Sandra is a high functioning, attention deficit nerd. She can never pick just one fandom to geek out on at a time. You’ll often find her working on a new cosplay for an upcoming convention, watching Firefly, Doctor Who, or Downton Abbey, and skydiving on the weekends. Sandra is part of a group known as SIS, or Sisters In Skydiving, where she helps foster the growth of fellow female skydivers in the male dominated sport. She has also been an active member of Thrill The World for years, dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller around Halloween with fellow zombies, and then taking part in Flash Mobs around the DFW area.
Sandra is also a wife and mom to her equally nerdy husband and son, and firmly believes families that geek out together, stay together. More often than not, Sandra can be found huddled around a table with friends and family, playing D&D (a new found love) or other tabletop games. Lastly and potentially most important, she is also a level 42 Nap Queen.

GEEKY TOP TEN (In no particular order): Cosplay, The Whedonverse (Firefly, Buffy, Doctor Horrible, etc), Harley Quinn, Doctor Who, Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, Magic The Gathering, The Marvel Universe, Any books by David Eddings or Terry Brooks, Collecting Funko Pop Vinyls (I seriously have too many).

Brunch Drink
: Always a Bellini!

Fictional Heroes: River Song and Zoe Washburne


Instagram: MissFrostage
Twitter: @missfrostage
Tumblr: tumblr.com/blog/missfrostage


Alaya SwannAlaya has probably read more fantasy novels than any sane person should – but who ever said she was sane? She fell in love with the genre when she read The Hobbit at age 6, and she hasn’t looked back since – in fact, learning about Tolkien’s medieval scholarship in college inspired a passion for medieval literature that took her through the rest of her (many) degrees. She’s still waiting for her letter to Hogwarts though!
Alaya is also a gamer; she plays computer, console, and tabletop games, and has just started running her first Dungeons and Dragons game after years of playing in other people’s campaigns.
Geeky top 10: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Dungeons and Dragons, Skyrim, YA fantasy novels, Tolkien, medieval literature, Kingkiller series, Sherlock Holmes, Game of Thrones
Brunch drink: bellini or amaretto sour, if the mood takes her

Favorite game: Skyrim

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