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Upcoming Brunch Date: July 31st, 2016

                                                     Theme: Star Trek


Savannah Officers:


photoddbMeg Casey

Origin Story: Meaghan is a comic colorist currently residing in Savannah, GA. She has worked with a variety of publishers, with her colors appearing in titles like “Welcome to Showside!” and “Munchkin”. In 2013, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, where she studied Sequential Art. In her free time, she draws and writes material for personal projects, and plays far too many video games.

Geeky Top Ten: These are all in no particular order – it’s so hard to pick  favorites! Comics, Cult Tv Shows, Theme Park Design, Animation, Gaming, Dinosaurs, Cartooning, Cats, Writing, Paranormal Studies

Brunch Drink: For me, you just can’t beat a good classic mimosa!

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Carlie April

Origin Story: Carlie is an English teacher who originally hails from Buffalo, NY. She moved to Savannah about 10 years ago for the weather and the Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. Carlie is a MENSA member and loves traveling. She’s held many different jobs (beer store, cell phone sales, banking), but always knew that using her English degree was in the cards. Currently teaching American lit.

Geeky Top Ten: Not exactly a top ten list, but my faves and affiliations: Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas (NCR) Fallout 4 (Railroad) Witcher 3 (haven’t gotten the “best” ending yet, but trying) Skyrim (female Nord/always a Stormcloak! Alchemy, archery, sneak, Deathbrand armor) Game of Thrones (House Tyrell) Trivia (especially about the states) I get really into the news and the stuff I teach And I freaking love making PowerPoints

Brunch drink: The classic mimosa

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Marissa Mozek

Origin Story: Marissa Mozek was born in raised in Texas but fled to Savannah, Georgia when she decided to attend SCAD to gain her Sequential degree. From there she turned her back on Hollywood after a stint in the crazy comic book world and fell into the wild abyss of books (libraries). She now works at a library, has two cats, a closet full of sweaters, and yes she carries tea bags around with her (mainly Earl Grey). Now a full-time librarian she uses big words and tends to get lost in her books or Buzzfeed quizzes.
Geeky Top Ten: Harry Potter… will always be her first love. She enjoys Marvel and DC (tv show, comics or movies but don’t bring up Batman vs. Superman). She will also always fight for Belle or Mulan in the Disney Princess realm.

Brunch Drink: Earl Grey Tea it’s a solid choice no matter the time. If she feels like spicing it up she might just go for a Mimosa.

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