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Meet The Sunshine City Officers:


Sam is a longtime geek, gamer, and massive fanboy who adores ALL THE GEEKY THINGS (and Brunch…obviously)! She got her feet wet with fandoms when her father introduced her to Star Wars as a child, and she has not turned back since! Highlights of Sam’s life as a nerd include throwing an epic Harry Potter Wedding, meeting David Tennant and Billie Piper, interviewing famous nerds on the red carpet, and speaking (twice) at San Diego Comic-Con. Sam is the co-owner and co-creator at the geeky fashion blog, and she has appeared on Girlfriend Intervention on Lifetime TV, starred in and produced the fantasy web series Legends of Atoll, and was featured on G4’s Attack of the Show.

Sam is a writer who has drafted (but not edited, because who has the time) two fantasy novels. She is obsessed with finding the best in geek fashion and home decor, and is currently in the process of giving her first house a geeky facelift. Favorite fandoms include Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars,  Monty Python, Star Trek, The Divergent series, The Hunger Games, Ready Player One, Disney, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), Marvel, The Wheel of Time, Zelda, R.A. Salvatore, Dungeons and Dragons…seriously all the things.

Favorite Fandom Inspired Foods and Drinks:

Through the years, Sam has already gotten to enjoy the pleasures of Fish fingers and custard (Doctor Who), Shawarma (The Avengers), and Butterbeer. She would still like to sample Lamb stew with plums (The Hunger Games), Turkish Delight (The Chronicles of Narnia), Sansa’s Lemon cakes (A Song of Ice and Fire) , Romulan ale (Star Trek), Fire Whisky (Harry Potter), and Vitameatavegamin (I love Lucy).

Fictional Places To Have Brunch:

Though their food selection may not be as impressive as what could be found in, say, the Shire; Sam would love to someday enjoy brunch in Rivendell, though a Christmas feast in the Great Hall of Hogwarts would be equally as amazing. For an otherworldly brunch experience Sam would choose Yavin 4 (Star Wars), Gallifrey, or Asgard for her meal. Since it is impossible to choose, she would also stop by The Confessor’s Palace in Aydindril, the capital of the Midlands (The Sword of Truth).


Nicole has been a proud geek for many years, and is thrilled to be joining geek girl brunches! She is a huge fan of many well-known franchises such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Disney (just to name a few). Nicole also geeks out over several not-as-well-known series, including Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time books, and the BBC radio sitcom Cabin Pressure. She is a gamer who loves adventure, puzzle, RPG, and board games.  As a huge Anglophile, Nicole was thrilled to have the opportunity to study in London while working towards her Master’s degree. During her time there, she was lucky enough to visit Diagon Alley (at the Harry Potter Studio Tour), as well as Platform 9 3/4 (the real one!), but was unable to make it to Hogwarts or Hogsmeade. 

Nicole also spends a lot of time playing games, doing puzzles, and working on various arts and crafts. Knitting, origami, and creating blocky buildings in Minecraft are just a few of the many creative outlets she enjoys. Some of her favorite video games include the Shadow Hearts, Dark Cloud, Bioshock, and Kingdom Hearts series. She is always open to recommendations for new games, movies, games, stuff, etc.

Favorite Fandom Inspired Foods and Drinks: Having already sampled Butterbeer, Nicole’s quest to taste all of Honeydukes is well under way. Speaking of honey, Mistress al’Vere’s honeycakes (from the Wheel of Time) are at the top of Nicole’s foodie bucket list; along with Cabin Pressure’s Admiral’s Pie, and from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the grey stuff (she hears it’s delicious).

Fictional Places To Have Brunch: Nicole’s ideal brunch excursion would be a jaunt in the TARDIS to Tar Valon (in the land of The Wheel of Time) with a flypast of the Hogwarts grounds.