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We are looking for our second officer!! Let us know if you are interested in getting this chapter up and running!

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A Little About Me/Us


Kathryn and Michelle -> Raleigh Officers
Kathryn and Michelle -> Raleigh Officers

Kathryn 882369_585128816145_1523946039793787084_o

Kathryn is a Retail manager who is constantly trying to see how many people recognize her geeky accessories at work. She spends her nights reading manga, watching anime, geeky crafting and polishing her baking skills. Kathryn started getting interested in anime and manga in middle school when Sailor Moon came on right after she got off the bus, FOX aired Escaflowne, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Digimon, and Toonami took over Cartoon Network. After figuring out that fansubs existed, she spent a lot of time expanding her anime interests and reading a lot of scanlations online.

After living in Japan for numerous years, Kathryn is now expanding her geeky interests by marathoning Doctor Who and being one of the few women frequenting her local comic book shop.

Currently Reading/Watching/Loving

  1. Gotham Academy
  2. Ms. Marvel
  3. Silk
  4. Cardcaptor Sakura
  5. Haikyuu!!



Michelle is a sales representative for an electrical distribution company. She got into comic books a few years ago starting with Harley Quinn and expanding from there. Michelle is a big fan of DC comics as well as getting into others like Saga and Rat Queens. She also loves Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Star Wars, and My Little Pony. Michelle has a huge collection of Hello Kitty TY plush (and tattoos!) and also collects Monster High Dolls and POP Funko figurines.


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