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The Pensacola Officers

Origin Story:Joie Fatale Legend says Joie (sounds like “Joy”…but with an “Oi!” in it) is California girl who has migrated to the East Coast due to Grown-Upping.  Joie is a born and raised geek rebel, from San Diego who is still waiting for her mutant power to manifest…or, for her midichlorian-to-cell count to rise above threshold…or, for a bloke in a blue box to tell her to: “Run!” She’s a lover of books, sociology, punk music, comics/manga, cartoons, sci-fi, anime, and pop-culture in general! She and her husband (The Tenor) both love behavioral sciences and, love to see how pop-culture both influences, and,  imitates society!

Geeky Top 10: Star Wars; Doctor Who; Marvel; Nana; Harry Potter; Music/Musicals; Sailor Moon; Manga/Anime; Assassin’s Creed; Books (comics, fiction–all of it!)

Brunch Drink of Choice: Coffee, mimosas, or Moscow Mules!

Animated Crush: Spike Spiegal (Cowboy Bebop)…or Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)…don’t make me choose…

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Origin Story:Autumn.Pensacola
Autumn hails from a magical land known Arkansas.  Life brought her to sunny Pensacola, and while the sun is her enemy, she decided that
living next to the beach wasn’t so bad after all.  Activities include supporting her favorite local comic shop by spending way too much money there every Wednesday, hanging out at the local library so much that she might live there, and shouting expletives while trying to figure out how to sew in a zipper flawlessly.

Geeky Top 10: Supernatural; Comics; Horror; Harry Potter; Cosplay; Doctor Who; Parks and Rec.; Dystopian Fiction; Fantasy; Feminism

Brunch Drink: Coffee–DEATH BEFORE DECAF!!!

Animated Crush: Sid from Toy Story


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