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Official Chapter Launch: July

Next Brunch Date:  “Magical Girls” September 10th, 2016

groupThe Orlando Officers


Paige is an artist, writer, and retro hair enthusiast living in Orlando, FL. Who spends her days hunched over a
PaigeLavoiesmallcomputer screen drawing her slice of life comic Pumpkin Spiced, and working on writing her next novel.  She’s been drawing and writing webcomics since she was in her early teens, and now shares and teaches about the creating them on youtube and at local conventions. The idea of having a strong community of girls being able to dress up and geek out together at monthly events, is already in itself a wonderful thing, but when you add pancakes and poached eggs into the mix. you really can’t go wrong. So, when she heard about Geek Girl Brunch she knew she had to be involved, and has been having the BEST TIME EVER meeting new geeky friends and growing this community.

Favorite Brunch Drink – While mimosa’s are awesome, I think I’d have to say Irish Coffee

Geeky Top Ten – Bee and Puppycat!, Steven Universe, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli, Dragon Age, Disney, Novelty Coffee Cups, Webcomics, Sanrio, Conventions, Pokemon



Jessica is a born and raised South Floridian who let her heart be her guide and now lives in the greater Orlando area. Her hobbies include herding cats and reading, while her guiding nerdy obsessions run the gamut from Batman to Jessica Rabbit.1379585_10100488027041954_1921882674_n By day, Jessica toils away like a mad scientist putting the finishing touches on that one plan that’s finally going to show the world, by night she crusades for justice on the roller derby track as a referee, going by the name Frightwing. Her ultimate life goal is to live up to her childhood dream of becoming a mermaid, or Batman. When she’s not on skates or sewing, she has a special place in her heart for bad television, horror movies and lately, League of Legends, when she isn’t doing any of that, she’s waiting for that gum she likes to come back in style.

Favorite Brunch Drink – Brunch is the perfect excuse for champagne cocktails.

Geeky Top Ten – Batman and the Bat-verse, Jurassic Park and all things dinosaur (this week), Jessica Rabbit, Atlus Games, Steampunk (Steampunk all the things!), The Predator (dirty xenomorph scum..), Twin Peaks, Monster High, Jason Momoa (this counts, right?), Freddy Krueger, and The Princess Bride (that’s 11, but you weren’t counting, were you?)

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