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Life-long blerd, former teacher, current Data Manager, lover of the strangeIMG_3889
Origin Story: Dom is the second-born of the House of the Seven Sisters (her dad actually came up with that name), and thinks of being a geek as being unapologetically passionate about the things you love.  Her childhood was spent traveling the globe as the Air Force took her parents from country to country, and it was that experience of travel that launched her sense of wonder.  It’s no big surprise that being a huge traveller inspires a love of exploring fictional worlds…Harry Potter was her first step into the never-ending realm of possibility that is sci-fi/fantasy.  From there, she found herself loving anything that tells the human experience through things that are decidedly NOT human, and that has lasted to the present day.  She now spends her days in New Orleans, where being an educator allows her to connect curiosity and geekiness for awesome kids all over the city.

Geeky Top Ten(in no particular order)  Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Queen of the Damned, Animorphs (yes, STILL)

Current ObsessionsOctavia Butler, Halt and Catch Fire, Defiance, Daniel Jose Older, nail polish, earrings

Brunch DrinkMimosas, of course.  Tequila Sunrises are also pretty great.

Fictional love interestLegolas always and forever <3


Origin StoryEven though she was always a weird and loud child, Robyn didn’t discover just how geeky she was until junior high, when she accidentally stumbled upon the series premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Despite many years of tryingRobyn to hide her geekiness,she worked really hard to be “cool.” (It didn’t go so well). Her love for all things musical theater and Harry Potter helped her brave her high school years. Attending the University of California, Irvine inspired her to purchase a Disneyland pass, and a new obsession was born. Moving to New Orleans has been the biggest adventure of her life, and when she is not saving the lives of children, she is binge watching Netflix.

Geeky Top Ten:

1) Game of Thrones
2) Buffy The Vampire Slayer
3) Agents of Shield
4) Musicals
5) Harry Potter
6) This American Life
7) Disney
8) Freakanomics
9) Batman
10)Malcolm Gladwell

Current ObsessionFinishing the Game of Thrones books

Brunch DrinkMimosas

Fictional love interestJon Snow


Origin Story: Jessica has always embraced her inner geek for as long as she can remember. She was the only girl in her class who watched wrestling and played
as many
video games as the boys. Originally from New York, she now lives in Harvey, LA. She was Jessicaecstatic to find out that there is a local GGB Chapter! When she is not working, you will most likely find her listening to music, playing video games and watching Netflix.

Geeky Top Ten

-Watching WWE events on TV and live

Random Fact: Jessica’s all-time favorite wrestlers are The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels

-Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

-Watching reruns of Friends, Sex & the City and One Tree Hill

-Orange is the New Black


-Playing her XBOX 360. She hopes to upgrade to an Xbox One or Playstation 4 soon.

-Anything that has to do with the 90s and early 2000s (I mean who doesn’t love old school Nickelodeon and boy bands?)

-Attending Comic-Cons

-Playing Bingo Blitz on her cell phone

-Spending countless hours searching for random facts about anything and everything online

Brunch Drink: Peach Bellini

Fictional Love interest: Tommy Oliver



kuniquaOrigin Story: Kuniqua was born believing in a world of fantasy. She played her earlier days away as a Kung Fu master, a Ninja turtle, roaming Eureka’s Castle, reading comic books, and searching for Sesame Street! Training and honing in on her inner Geek Girl, she quickly rose in the ranks. She entered her high school days an Anime girl. Having discovered anime through a relative she became eager to learn more. This brought out an overwhelming love for Goku, Vampire Hunter D, and regular wishing that she had Moon Prism Powers. But her obsession didn’t stop there…OH NO…there was only a couple of things that rivaled her love for anime and those things were boy bands like NSYNC, Backstreet boys, and Immature, and 4 green lovable turtles who just so happen to know a few special skills! Ah, those were the days! Today she is a talented, artsy, geeky ball of AWESOMENESS vowing to help spread the geek love to everyone around the world!! She spends her days creating awesome new handmade geeky items, being a Youtube personality with the “Geeks Are Easy” channel, stealing a few moments to play Resident Evil or Gears of War, and plotting to develop her own Geek Empire!!!

Geeky Top Ten: (In no particular order)

1.) The Walking Dead

2.) Comic Book Cinematic Universes (TV & Netflix included)

3.) Sewing (Geeky things)

4.) Harry Potter


6.) TMNT

7.) Funko POP! Toys

8.) Cosplay

9.) Comic Cons

10.) WWE

Current Obsessions: One Punch Man, Parasyte, Sewing, and Crafts

Brunch Drink: A good Mimosa can change your life!!!

Fictional Love Interests: Superman, Captain America, Thor, Ironman…okay pretty much most of Marvel’s male character line up…And I’m not ashamed! They’re so HEROIC! LOL!!!

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