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The Miami Officers


Meli is a certified geek, Anglophile, and new mommy to baby girl, Luna. With a long history of adoring all things fandom, Meli has the ink to prove it – 5 geeky tattoos in fact. Living in The Shire, attending Hogwarts as a sorted Gryffindor, or epic magical Jovian transformation sequences? She can’t pick, won’t pick, just one – gleefully bounding through her multifandom world, like a moth drawn to burning fangirly-ness.


A chronic overachiever, Meli spends her days as a behavior analyst, her nights as a geeky fashion blogger over at Melificent, and her weekends running her geek chic t-shirt line, Geek Girl Gang.

Geeky Top Ten: Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Hannibal, Sailor Moon, LOST, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games

Brunch Drink: Guamosa (that’s a guava Mimosa – so Miami) or a regular ‘ol Mimosa

Anime Boyfriend: Tuxedo Mask (duh)

Twitter: @somelificent
Instagram: melificent
YouTube: The Fangirl Diaries 


Elsie is a fangirl born and raised in Miami who is obsessed with all things Harry Potter. She lives with her two chihuahuas, Caramel and Yoshi and her adoring husband who indulges and enables her rabid fandom mania. Elsie loves to read, particularly YA, Fantasy and Science Fiction. Elsie also spends a lot of time reading Harry Potter and Gundam Wing fanfiction on line. She loves music and watches too much TV. She describes her perfect weekend as being at home and binge watching a series on Netflix while killing a few bottles of Pinot Grigio.


Geeky Top Ten: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Star Wars, Thor, Dune, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Batman, Marvel Universe, X-files

Brunch Drink: Berry Bellini

Anime Boyfriend: Heero Yuy

Twitter: @aperfectNIN
Beme: ElsieR
YouTube: The Fangirl Diaries


Growing up with her nose in a book and acting out movie soundtracks in her bedroom, Jenny has always been quite the geek.  Her first exposure to fandoms was with Monty Python’s Flying Circus and can still quote full scenes from The Holy Grail to this day.  Jenny spends her time reading, singing, binge watching Netflix, (because she truly believes television is a highly underrated serious art form) and raising two budding bookworms, Abigail and Sarah.  Jenny is music and theatre teacher, a singer, piano player, improviser, amateur tap dancer, lover of books and video games, and is still reeling from the overwhelming disappointment of never receiving her Hogwarts acceptance letter.  Her greatest superpower is the ability to quote any musical appropriately and fit it seamlessly into conversation; and she never travels anywhere without a towel, just in case.

Brunch Drink:  To take artistic license from the great Cole Porter- I get a kick from champagne and orange juice!

Animated Boyfriends: Link, Robin Hood (yes, the fox,) and Flynn Rider.

Geeky Top 10:  Douglas Adams, The X-Files, Muppets, Broadway Musicals, Harry Potter, Sherlock, 1980’s action/sci-fi movies, playing video games, Monty Python, Lord of the Rings.  (Bonus: Anything Mel Brooks)