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Origin Story: Michael was raised by movies and books. Sci-fi is probably her favorite genre however she enjoys a little bit of everything. She loves the feeling of being caught up in an adventure. Josh Gates and Indiana Jones are her role models inspiring her to travel as often as she can and read a variety of books when she can’t. Raising her two future superheroes allows for plenty of dress up time and video games. Zelda and Uncharted seem to be unanimous favorites in the household. Halloween has always been an important event for Michael and her sister which they turn into a month long celebration. What could be better than monster movies, pie, fall, candy corn, and costumes?

Brunch Drink: All of the coffee! And a Spicy Bloody Mary.

Fictional boyfriend: Henry Foss from Sanctuary.

Current obsessions: Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin, Greek mythology, Preston & Child books, Twin Peaks
Undying Favorites: Supernatural, psych????, Jurassic Park and everything dinosaurs, LOST, video games, comics, manga, Harry Potter, doctor who, Edgar Wright, Neil Gaiman, David Wong, firefly, Buffy, Peter Pan, hawkeye (Fraction), green arrow, Star Wars, anime, books, BSG old and new, adventure time

Social media
Twitter: @NewHopePrincess
Instagram: @Melton815
Tumblr: i-pterodactyl-pie


Origin Story: Tanith spent most of her youth in her Trekkie father’s bookstore reading comics and watching epic Sci-Fi Classics. Her teenaged rebellion was an obsession with high fantasy, anime, and gaming. Which gracefully aged combined into a multi-faceted geek girl wonder she is today. An Art Degree in hand, and Middle Earth in front of her – she works as a Assistant Web Designer for LeSportsac by day, then by night ventures the South-East Convention circuit, favoring Anime and Gaming Conventions. She is often spotted behind her Artist Alley Table – Mint Nite Designs, exhibiting her cute yet creepy monster kitties. Tons of Mileage isn’t a bad thing for people, it just means you’re a great adventurer.

Favorite brunch drink: Papaya Mimosas

Fictional Boyfriend: (Brotherhood) Edward Elric – has been for a LONG time. 
Current obsessions: Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin, Sword Art Online, Supernatural, Daredevil, Game of Thrones, League of Legends

Undying Favorites: Tabletop RPGs, Video Games, Harry Potter, Tolkien-Verse, Studio Ghibli, Full Metal Alchemist, Disney, Avatar the Last Airbender & Legend of Korra, & Pacific Rim.
Web / Shop:
Twitter: @hellomintnite

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