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Bham, AL Officers!


Katherine (Kat)kat

Origin Story: Katherine’s story began with an old piece of technology known as the Super Nintendo. Almost every morning, she would wake up before preschool and watch her older brother play Super Mario Bros. Overtime, her love for video games grew more and more. She is a big fan of RPGs and FPS, & Action/Adventure games. Outside of gaming, she has a big obsession with Science Fiction, especially Doctor Who & Star Wars. She is an aspiring science fiction writer, and she has many interests that take up most of her free-time. She is a mother of 3 dogs and 1 cat, and wants a hedgehog one day.  Her favorite colors at the moment pink & yellow, but this could change at any time.

Geeky Top Ten: Doctor Who, Star Wars,  Comic Books (Batman, Gotham Acadamy, B***h Planet, & others), Adventure Time, Sherlock, Video games ( Gears of War, Borderlands, Halo, Mass Effect, & many others), The Walking Dead, Firefly, Hayao Miyazaki films, & Steven Universe

Brunch Drink: Sangria

Anime Boyfriend: Future Trunks

Instagram: Kattburglar

Twitter: Kattburglar


Bio for Teia coming soon!

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