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The Atlanta Officers


Officer, Conjurer of Designs, Photo Wizard & GM

celesteOrigin Story: Celeste is a half-elf rogue who spends her nights slinking along rooftops and doing backflips. When she’s not up to no good, she enjoys tabletop role-playing games (particularly Pathfinder), cosplay, DIY projects, anime, and gobbling up any good new comics she can find. She is the co-founder and owner of, where she and her kaiju loving boyfriend blog about all of the above and pilot the jaeger, Horizon Voyager.

Geeky Top Ten: Steampunk, Fantasy & Supernatural Fiction, Pathfinder, cosplay, comic books, Food Wars, Fictional Cartography, the occult, Miyazaki films

Brunch Drink:  Peach Bellini or Moscato wine



Officer, Discipliner of College Students, Graduate Student, & Adventurer

12002053_10153576845490050_1109357081998333863_nOrigin Story: Jana is a traveler turned student worker who spends most of her time buried under school books. This new-to-Atlanta (but actually Athens) nerd enjoys cosplay, DragonCon, learning about new things, social justice, crafting, and baking.

Geeky Top Ten: Disney, Harry Potter, Firefly, Miyazaki, superheroes, Heroes, fun facts, Starkid productions, musicals, pokemon

Brunch Drink:  Mimosa




Officer, Illustrator, Writer & Level 6 Human Badass

katieOrigin Story: By day, Katie is a Graphic Artist. By night, she is a sci-fi horror writer, weirdo painter, adequate game-maker, so-so filmmaker, bad actor, godawful aerialist, wildlife caregiver, confused RPGer, cheap wine drinker, café loiterer and a doer of too many things. Her current projects are: 1) finishing a manuscript involving con artists and cannibalistic cults, and 2) creating a badass horror-comedy web series with the help of some classy folk.

Geeky Top Ten: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Saga, Rat Queens, horror movies (the good and the bad), indie games, podcasts, Pathfinder, curiosities & antiques, Lackadaisy Cats, Parks & Rec

Brunch Drink:  Your cheapest, most vinegary bottle of wine, good sir