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We realize that we are super close to New York City, but some people can’t travel there as often as most,  or aren’t comfortable traveling by themselves. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place!  This doesn’t mean we don’t love our New York City Chapter, though!

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Founder of the Paramus Chapter // Fangirl fashionista wordsmith // Magical girl 

Tessa is a free spirited hair bow queen who really wanted Geek Girl Brunch to happen in her area  so her and her friends could get together regularly, and make some awesome new ones–you know, like how it happens in Sailor Moon. She is a lifestyle journalist for various print and web publications, as well as the Senior Editor of COMIC TRASH, a start up geek culture journalism website. In addition to that, she also works for the SACC program at her local elementary school. When not working or attending a convention as press; Tessa enjoys nerding out with her friends and boyfriend,  eating sushi, doing yoga, drinking coffee, reading books (novels, comic books, graphic novels, and manga), drawing, making jewelry, playing video games, watching stuff (television shows, movies, anime, cartoons), listening to music (and singing), and much more! She also is a Sailor Moon RPG toy collector and proud mama to an adorable chinchilla named Amaris Gypsy.

Brunch Drink: Peach Bellini

Geeky Top Ten: Green Lantern, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Dark Matter, Zodiac Starforce, My Little Pony, Ever After High, Stargate, Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda, Star Trek

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Born a happy and giggly child, Bridget fell in to the geek subculture much like Kagome Higurashi fell in to the well that brought her to feudal Japan, fully and unexpectedly. Bridget’s first anime was Sailor Moon and through the power of love and justice she learned life’s core lessons: friendship will get you through even the toughest of times and always rescue cats. Since then her biggest accomplishments have been graduating from Ramapo College with a double major Psychology/ Community Mental Health and becoming an EMT. Her perfect night consists of her three cats, close friends, and a movie with Chris Pratt. Everything is awesome!

Brunch Drink: Blended Coffee

Geeky Top Ten: Shoujo anime/Manga, Cosplay, Japanese Snack Food, Fan Art, Steven Universe, Magical Girl Anime/Manga, Shipping OTPs, Writing head canons, Anything Zelda, Batman Franchise


jillBestowed the power of ‘geek’ at birth, Jill has been determined, since she was old enough, to break the boundaries of ‘this is just for boys.’ Armed with wit like Deadpool, confidence like Wolverine, and the emotions of Sailor Moon (what can I say, I’m still a girl), Jill held her own throughout life proving she could ‘hang with the boys.’ Hailing from Philadelphia, she has now relocated to Northern New Jersey living with her husband and working within the marketing field in NYC. While not playing corporate robot, she loves to play video games, attending events, watching stuff, reading books, listening (and singing) to music, collecting Funko’s & statues/busts, and rooting for her hometown sports teams.

Brunch Drink: Mimosa

Geeky Top Ten: Wolverine, Harley Quinn, Sailor Moon, Professor Layton, Zombies, anything Blizzard related, anything Assassin’s Creed related, Family Guy, Techie stuff (I built my computer), and the Muppets

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