Geek Girl Brunch Newport News Chapter




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Meet the Newport News Officers!

 Jennifer grew up in many states along the East coast, as part of a Navy family, eventually settling in Virginia. She is a paint instructor by trade, and when she’s not painting, she enjoys reading, crafting of any kind, and crochet. She also really enjoys shrimp tacos and Margarita’s! If she were a Disney character, her husband would characterize her a Snow White.  Jennifer loves the beach, her family, and her chihuahua Maya.                        ( How could you not?! That face!!)

Geeky Loves include: Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Teen titans GO!, Lego, The Flash

Jessica grew up in Isle of Wight county. Not exactly the budding community of Geekdom. She grew up on the Golden Age of Disney movies,  and Belle is her princess. She is a local librarian and avid reader, mainly reading Paranormal genre style books.  She is married to her Guild Master for WoW and together they have one daughter and four cats. When she’s not defeating Alliances, or reading a good book, she can be found back at her folks house relaxing in the pool with her family. Jessica loves eating sushi and good barbecue, her drink of choice is rum and coke.

Geeky loves include: Wow(Horde), Supernatural, BDB, Iron Man, Kingdom hearts, Video games, Elemental Assassin, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Disney, Ilona Andrew, RPGS, History, Mythology, Dresden Files, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean.