Fairfield, Connecticut

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In addition to our formal, roughly-monthly events, we often do shorter notice movie and trivia outings. Keep up with our Facebook and other social accounts (linked just above) and join us for these lower-key events!


Meet The Chapter Heads


Rhiannon is a Graphic Designer with unpredictable hair colors by day and a nerdy baker by night. Her alter ego “bakerhi” encompasses her love for making sugary treats as well as occasionally documenting a good read or a favorite video game. She’s a Connecticut transplant from Long Island (sans accent) looking to meet some like-minded ladies and discuss if Supernatural will ever really end.

Geeky Top 10: Supernatural, Baking, too many YouTubers, Anything the McElroy family creates, Various Video & Steam adventure/rpg games, tabletop gaming, Bob’s Burgers, Design & Social Media

Geeky Boyfriend: Sam “Moose” Winchester

Beverage of Choice: Coke Zero, because Scott is a zero. Get it?
But actually a bulleit & coke.

Quote to Live By:  Can I say the entire “Walrus and Carpenter” poem? I’m gonna go with that.

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K Katie emerged from Vault 203 ready for adventure, accompanied by her companion Catmeat the chubby calico. She is the go-to gal for adventure, and will always follow the free samples. With a deep love for the natural sciences running through her, Katie is in her element outside – Swamp Thing is her spirit animal. Her happy place is the South African Bushveld, where she can grill, hunt for animal tracks, and carry a large knife… for reasons. She values sarcasm, a good scotch, and non-compliance. She is excited to share some apps, dabble in a new fandom and chat with like-minded ladies in the area!

Geeky Top 10: Lady Creator Comics, Artist Alley, Gastronomic Discovery, Tabletop Gaming, Evolution, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Old School Playstation Games, Post- Apocalyptic Survival, Spooky Local Lore, Chaotic Neutral 4 life

Geeky Boyfriend: Jeff Goldblum. Duh.

Brunch Drink:  Super spicy Bloody Mary with all the cheeses and meats

Quote to Live By:  Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.

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Fellow officer Rhiannon’s younger sister, Kat is a CG artist (art runs in the family!) and predominantly a gamer and watcher of television. Despite this, she’s trying to read more; she owns many books by awesome females and feminists that are patiently waiting to be enjoyed. She loves cats, which makes puns about her name appropriately easy to make. Kat is also queer and isn’t shy about it, aside from being an introvert, so she actually is a bit shy about it. Her mission is to ensure that all the geek girls feel #warmandsafe at all times.

Geeky Top 10: Life is Strange, The Last of Us, Parks and Recreation, The Office, tea, queer (esp. femme) media, Overwatch, graphic design & CG, Stardew Valley, Rocket League.

Geeky Boyfriend Girlfriend: Max Caulfield

Brunch Drink: Pineapple Mimosas

Quote to Live By: “I am a goddess, a glorious female warrior. Queen of all that I survey. Enemies of fairness and equality, hear my womanly roar!” – Leslie Knope

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