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Meet Our Officers!


Origins: Heather is a late bloomer who has been diligently studying under the tutelage of friends concerned about her lack of quality nerd experiences. When she’s not catching up on her massive amounts of pop-culture homework as lovingly assigned by said friends (seriously, it’s a lot, guys), or whipping importers’ compliance into shape, Heather enjoys making lists, reading smutty romance novels, figuring out all the ways how “What’s Your Number?” is really a hidden Marvel movie, and boring people mindless with stored-up trivia about how the government classifies leggings as pants. She is bad at TV and is only as current as the last season posted to Netflix, but she can (and often does) quote the entirety of Gilmore Girls. She likes going on adventures, and often finds herself explaining to tourists how to use the T.

Brunch Drink: Whiskey. Whiskey is always the appropriate answer. Wait, what was the question, again?
Geeky Loves: Harry Potter. Captain America and the rest of the MCU. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Any book that looks a little lonely or a little trashy. HGTV. Pyrex. Subway systems in other cities.
Geek Crush: Steve Rogers.

Officer JessJessica

Origin: Spending her childhood in the Magic Treehouse, Jess has always had a hankering for adventure. When she’s not being a wordsmith by day, she finds the time to travel through time and space — though she’s usually pretty content exploring this earth with her car and its AMYPOND license plate. Once upon a time, she did dabble in the art of fencing and decided it was less fun without dragons involved. She currently spends her days going to art galleries, avoiding cooking, motivating herself to read and consuming potentially hazardous amounts of Netflix.

Brunch Drink: Mimosa. Anything else is just weird and goes against unofficial brunch policy.
Geeky Loves: The IT Crowd, Psych, Firefly, Doctor Who, Outlander, Pushing Daisies and Downton Abbey.
Nerd Crushes: Ned the Piemaker, Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, Peggy Carter and Zoe Washburn.


Origin: Shelly began her foray into geekdom with Harry Potter, and although her geek interests have greatly expanded over the years, her strong alliance with Hufflepuff (or more accurately Huffledor) and all things Harry Potter has stayed strong. She spends most of her free time lazing around with her partner and her dog, discovering new and exciting tabletop games to play, reading a healthy amount of Wolfstar & Check Please! Fan Fiction, planning costumes for upcoming conventions, and finding new TV shows to binge watch. Shelly is an avid baker, and loves to try new recipes – especially when inspired by Great British Bake Off – so feel free to request something yummy!

Brunch Drink: Mimosa
Geeky Loves: Harry Potter, Wolfstar, Tabletop Gaming, Doctor Who, Outlander, Battlestar Gallactica, Geek Music, Check Please!, Baking/Tea/Generally Being an Anglophile
Geek Crushes: Remus Lupin, Ginny Weasley (book version), Spike, Sirius Black, Amy Pond, Andrew from the 2016 season of Great British Bake Off, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser


Origins: Svenja’s most valuable possession at the tender age of nine was the membership card to her local library in small town Germany, which was well used by reading every single issue of the French comic book classic Asterix. Twice. After this, her love for graphic novels fell dormant, for two long, dark, forlorn decades. Fast forward to the present: Svenja is currently digging her way deep into the Marvel comic book universe (a Herculean task) and has acquired command over serious binge watching skills. She firmly believes that truly good TV shows and movies do not have a ceiling for repeat watches, which is why Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, Star Trek TNG, and the X-Files are pretty much always just a play button away. Svenja recently discovered an until then unnoticed love for everything yarn and needle and will be eternally grateful for the invention of YouTube tutorials. Honestly, they’re the best.

Brunch Drink: Bloody Mary and boatloads of coffee.
Geeky Loves: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Firefly, Marvel Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe, Saga, X-Files, LOTR, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, improvising soups and stews (not gonna lie, I’m ridiculously good at making comfort food from scratch)
Nerd Crush: David Tennant (Ten, but let’s be serious, anywhere); Spike (Buffy); DSI Stella Gibson, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson, always and forever); Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier.

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